Marvel Midnight Suns: Firaxis unveils the Nico vs. Chthon showdown Marvel fans have been waiting for!

In one more day we will have plenty of feedback from QT3ers!

Anyone will play on console? I wonder how readable it will be? I would like to play this from my couch, but there is a lot of text/stats on screen.

I’ll play on my TV, but on the PC - Hope its fine! Both Xcom 1 and 2 were fine this way, so I don’t see why not :-)

I mean, if a reviewer plays for 100 hours and then says, eh, it gets repetitive, my response is, um, no shit?

Not from me, unfrotunately. As excited as I am to dig into this, I only just started God of War last weekend when I wrapped Persona 5 and I’m still playing the shit out of Tactics Ogre. I know my limits, and 2 games at a time teters right on the edge, let alone throwing in a third game that, by all accounts, is huge and meaty. Plus, it’s a Firaxis launch game - probably not a terrible idea to wait for a patch or two in the coming weeks while I work on Ragnarok.

I am very interested in the thoughts of the folks that have been posting here for sure.

Don’t forget Callisto Protocol also releases tomorrow. There are too many games now.

Yeah, that one looks really cool too. Plus in the coming few weeks Dwarf Fortress (something I’ve always wanted to get into) gets it’s big Steam debut and Master of Magic Remaster drops officially, something I already played in closed beta and I’m excited to play again. What a crazy few months for gaming we’ve had at the end of 2022!

December 6th! I hope it drops bug-free.

Having not played of course, I don’t know how obvious this stuff would actually be (or not be) but skimming through this I see a lot of pretty solid tips that didn’t feel spoiler ish to me (stuff like how to skip dialog for example). Seems worth a glance.

Just as an fyi, Odd’s newest video has story mission spoilers.

Getting ready to stream this on Xbox now. excited!

I have this same question. Lately I play way more on PS5 and XSX (and Steam Deck), so hoping the text isn’t too small.

Playing on Xbox right now on stream and it seems fine to me. On a 46" TV fwiw

Here is something neat:


Damn, I want to play now too 😅

I havent received my Steam Code from Fanatical yet - should I be worried?

I got to work tomorrow so will not be able to play until the end of the day anyhow but I wish I had the code already.

Ugh - I went and looked at my order and it shows my key is for Epic and not Steam. I wrote to their support hopefully they can correct it. I am sure I requested a Steam key.

On Xbox you can, just take a trip to New Zealand ;)

I caved and bought this on XSX. Hope I like it!

Cool, though by the time I get there, I could be playing it here 🤪

just takes one setting change and a reboot