Marvel Midnight Suns: Firaxis unveils the Nico vs. Chthon showdown Marvel fans have been waiting for!

And an Xbox…but I’m buying on pc. Thanks, though

Thanks, this was very helpful.


Finished the tutorial. Really enjoying this so far.

Oh wow, unlocked early

Just for you to know, I’ve received my steam key from Voidu and it’s downloading now.

Did Voidu solve your problem at the end?

Not early - went live at midnight EST.

I’d swear when I looked earlier, it didn’t unlock until tomorrow morning my time. Not complaining. Got it installed. Looking forward to diving in.

Reviews on Steam (yeah, it’s early, and it’s Steam) highlight (lowlight?) performance issues, stuttering, low-rez textures, weird stuff like that. Gameplay comments are hard to find, though at least it’s not like the dumpster fire that Callisto seems to be.

There is obviously some optimization that needs to be done. I noticed some texture pops when the story transitioned to a new area and of course you need to optimize your options for your hardware. The slight slowness I saw initially all went away when going into fullscreen (for my full resolution, windowed fullscreen had a lower cap for some reason) and turning off VSync.

Not a fan of the 2k launcher but eventually modders will make something like AML that will smooth that over and allow decent modding.

First thing that drew my attention on the Steam page was the option to buy “Eclipse Credits” for the game.

Yeah, on principle that is a pass for me until a sale.

What do “Eclipse Credits” get you, though? Cosmetics? Or something more meaty?

For now, only cosmetics. And it seems the only cosmetics available for that currency in the in-game store at the moment are the ones one can get as part of the legendary edition.

That’s early for Steam - traditionally Steam unlocks games at noon CST release date, regardless of when consoles do a midnight unlock. Most recently Tactics Ogre was like this, for example.

I see the usual mixed reviews on Steam, almost all of the negative ones are unhappy with hitching/performance even on high end PC’s (allegedly), so I’ll be curious how that works out. I’m still sticking to my guns and giving this a few weeks to percalate while I play Ragnarok, but I’m going to keep up with the thead for launch weekend.

The gameplay for this attracts me (I’m not a comics fan though superhero stuff doesn’t bother me either). If the performance issues aren’t super distracting I’m tempted.

I’ll let you know how it plays on my box - i5-8400, 16 GB RAM, GTX 1060 6GB, normal HD (no SSD).

I’m getting some stutters that usually clear up once I hang around an area for awhile. But 99% of the game is picking cards in turn based combat or picking dialog options. So I don’t really notice it.

They don’t come up in combat. I’ve only ever seen it when it’s doing its story beat/cutscene stuff. I assume such things will disappear once they can do more optimization. I don’t judge such things until a game has had a patch or two under its belt.

I’ve got it for PS5 and it seems to mostly be fine. The first time I booted it up it hung at the loading screen, and in one fight tactical mode wouldn’t turn on for some reason, but otherwise it’s been great and I’m enjoying the game. If you’re not a comic book reader (I’m not), it helps a little if you’ve seen Wandavision and the latest Dr. Strange movie, though as with the Guardians of the Galaxy game, these are comic book versions of the characters, not movie versions, and the game does fill in all the backstory you need as it goes.

Yeah, I know bupkis about these characters really. Which is fine; I have no problem with whatever version of them the game doles out.