Marvel Midnight Suns: Firaxis unveils the Nico vs. Chthon showdown Marvel fans have been waiting for!

It seems like the key unlocked when the game went live. That works for me, but not having purchased from Voidu previously, I was a little surprised at the bumpy process.

Aside from accidentally purchasing for Epic instead of Steam, all is well. I’ll try playing this weekend. Thanks for checking in!

I’m a few hours away from my download completing, but I’ve seen this tip posted and seems like it might be helpful:

I heard that the 2K launcher affected other games and so I went into the launch options in Steam and pointed it to the executable directly (on my system it was this - “D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Marvel’s Midnight Suns\MidnightSuns\Binaries\Win64\MidnightSuns-Win64-Shipping.exe” %common%

Since I did that I can actually play the game on my low end system rather than the unplayable state it was in before that.

I came here to post this, but later in the same thread he says it’s %command% instead of common, and it wasn’t working for me until I used command but at the same time I had forgotten the quotes, so maybe either work.

If anyone tries this, make sure you put " around the path and .exe (and make sure you point to the .exe in the \binaries folder, not the one in the main game folder, that IS the 2k launcher executable) and use %command% if %common% doesn’t work for you.

It worked for me once I got it all put together correctly, but I didn’t launch it to start playing it (before or after) so I can’t comment on if it does anything. Sounds like the 2K launcher has been an issue since 2K games started coming with it though, so not an issue like to get addressed any time soon if it hasn’t been by now.

Heh the subtitles and audio in intro scene are out of sync…

I hadn’t been able to divine much about how this played/ performed on the consoles vs PC, but the reports about some PC issues steered me to the XBox Series X version.

I am only just past the tutorial, so I don’t have much of an opinion on the game yet, but it seems to play perfectly on the XBox, performance-wise and UI. The UI reminds me of playing the XCOM games on the consoles, where it works equally well no matter what it’s played on.

You have to do that same launcher BS to run Civ 6 anymore, too. Not that anyone does that.

It’s a stupid decision for sure. The best part was just now while testing the above command when I had it wrong the 2K launcher would come up and then demand it gets its own update, independent of the game, and that was super fun to sit through.

No performance issues on the XSX, but I did see people on Reddit who got VRAM crashes on Xbox.

I like Blades voice, Dr Strange not so much.

I love Xcom, but this is getting a new Super-Hole punched into its vibranium ass in the Steam reviews

The main complaints seem to be performance, microtransacions (cosmetic only), Denuvo anti-piracy software being used, and people expecting it to be X-Com when it was clearly stated that it’s not X-Com,.

Other complaints are the cutscene graphics, small battle arenas, and 2K launcher being required.

This is an excellent summary of what I’m seeing as well and seeing it all laid out like this has me curious how the reviews were as good as they were, haha.

I’m glad I have too many games to dive into this now, because I think it’s going to be excellent but probably not great at launch, which if memory serves is pretty much what happened with XCOM and XCOM 2. Playable for sure, but not issue-free by any means. Seems like this will be better to approach after a few hot fixes and the first major update drops.

fwiw pretty much none of those are issues on console right now. runs smoothly. it does feel like cutscenes are a bit lower quality than I would have expected though.

The YouTubers covered all those points mostly. I am not anti-mainstream game journalism by any means, but I usually just watch YT videos now and get a pretty good summary of a game.

I’m glad you said something first. Iron Man and Cap Marvel’s faces are terrible lumpy faces and pornstache. I hate Iron Man’s voice acting, just monotone reading the script and has no comedic timing. Sucks for having a guy who does a bunch of the talking.

At least the male Hunter is voiced by Matt Mercer. I like Niko as well.

I’ve played through the tutorial and the first story mission and I haven’t encountered any issues that significantly hampered my enjoyment. Some framerate drops, dialog not exactly matching animations, sometimes a little janky lining up an environmental attack. Combat seems fun. I’m not into Marvel, but still find the banter kinda fun.

I have a pretty good PC GTX 3080, Ryzen 5 5600X , 32 Gig RAM, NVMe drive

Can someone tell me where the save files are kept?

Also, why would that location be different when launched via the iOS Steam link app?

Nevermind, found the location, but there are two folders. When I try to launch the game from my pc, it is looking in the wrong one. Weird.

Changing the save folder Mage that was initially created to match the other one seems to have worked. Using the executable launch didn’t change that. Now will have to see what happens when I launch from the iPad.

As for the game, I think the combat system is sheer genius. There are so many interesting options at any given time, yet it isn’t overwhelming. Card plays are limited, yet there’s so much you can do on any given turn, not to mention everything you do just feels powerful.

Yeah, likewise. Console Master Race ftw.

Fwiw, I’m playing on pc and it looks great to me, with only the occasional hitch I’ve seen, typically at the start of a cutscene

Those are the same people, since people complaining about Arena size don’t understand what kind of game this is. I think they are perfect so far.

I am having graphics issue (PC) - everything goes blurry for a bit then comes back, jankiness; it will not stop me from playing.

Dr Strange’s voice is better than Iron Man. I think Iron Man should sound a little older maybe a smidge deeper? Spiderman is great, MC is good too. All the female characters sound good to me. Blade is spot on but I mentioned that already.

I am enjoying the game so far. Story is very Comic Bookish; I am not expecting it to be more.

My first battle on Normal I got one star. Did anyone do better?