Marvel Midnight Suns: Firaxis unveils the Nico vs. Chthon showdown Marvel fans have been waiting for!

I got 2. I did have one hero get knocked out for 1 turn

I also like how it doesn’t take itself too seriously. It kind of feels more like the Thor/Hulk sections in Ragnarok, or the banter in Guardians of the Galaxy, than anything serious and pompous like recent Avengers movies. It’s silly and campy and I actually like it that way.

And it plays nice here. Settings on low and I forced it to 30 FPS to keep GPU temperatures down, and it stutters a bit (particularly in the Abbey), but nothing that ruins the experience. I’m having fun and I want to play more, so I’d say that’s a good sign.

The first mission I didn’t get 3 stars on so far is the artifact mission because I was addicted to comboing minions and clearing the waves instead of triggering the end of the mission. Also, it’s hard not to absolutely wreck things with Capt Marvel.

Firaxis posted a note on Steam that they know there are performance issues and as such and will be working on them ASAP. Pretty quick turnaround on the communication so I’m hopeful. I haven’t had any issues outside of those I’ve posted and I have a setup that is just a bit better than @robc04

Wow, you guys are great at 2 & 3 stars!

I know I was ignoring some of the if you do this type of attack you will get this kind of response so not surprising I only got one star.

Hey guys, I don’t want to jinx it, so maybe I shouldn’t say anything, but…I think I’m dating Captain Marvel!

We were just hanging out and she brought up taking me on a ski trip! With just the two of us! I tried to play it cool, but I totally think this might be going somewhere. Anyway, just thought it was worth mentioning in case there are any Captain Marvel fans here who might, I dunno, want me to see if she’ll take a selfie with you or whatevs. We’re currently doing some missions so I see her a fair bit and I can ask for you. Honestly, I’m trying to play it cool about the whole ski trip thing, but it’s all I can think about.

Except for this uncomfortable collar. I think I’m on some kind of house arrest thing or something? I’ve been skipping all the cutscenes and dialogue choices, so maybe they explain it somewhere. But barring other info, I’ve decided that my backstory is I’m under house arrest for dressing like Freddie Mercury without a permit, and the house arrest happens to be in this old church me and a bunch of superheroes are…renovating? That seems to be the plan, but I have to earn a bunch of gloss to do it (gloss is what you get paid when you do superhero missions, in case you didn’t know that). There’s a lady blue jedi ghost out here and a bunch of treasure chests, which is kind of confusing, but who cares when you get to date Captain Marvel!

There’s no romance and another hero has a crush on her. And the collar is more than cosmetic. But a guy can dream, can’t he?

Grifman, please let @tomchick have that moment. After what happened with Sarah Palin, God knows he needs it. Let him live the dream!

I got stuck on the Dresser/Purchase Clothes Screen. I couldnt find a way to get back to the previous screen. ESC didnt work etc.

I retried loading and this time there is an Esc/Back Button lower right but it will not do anything.

Edit: I just figured out I have to buy some clothes or you cannot leave the screen.

Fair enough. At this point, I’d say it’s more like “courtship”.

Also, she was the one who suggested just the two of us go on a ski trip. I didn’t even bring it up. It was all her and when I asked if she meant just the two of us, she played it off like she meant for the whole team to go skiing. But I could tell. Anyway, she told me all her backstory and I’m a little worried she might be a handful, because it was a bunch of crazy stuff about a magnetron changing her identity and alien DNA and some ex-boyfriend named Marv L or something. But she’s still Captain America, so I can probably look past all that? Anyway, I think we’re going on another mission later, after I bro out with Steve (that’s what I call Dr. Strange, since we’re pretty close) and Ghost and Blade and Bruce Banner’s disembodied voice. I wonder if he’s actually gonna be in this game? Actually, he might be the narrator?

Ugh, you have no idea how much effort was put into trying to stamp that out.

BTW, am I correct that there’s no way to turn off subtitles?

I find subtitles extremely distracting, especially if I’m trying to listen to a voice actor. Which I’ve stopped trying to do here for a couple of reasons (the massive dumps of pointless dialogue being the primary one), including that I can’t turn off the subtitles. Am I missing a setting? I can’t recall the last time I got stuck in a game with mandatory subtitles, so I’ve got to be missing something.

To be fair, I did a driver update and everything seems ok now!

I wouldnt mind them so much if we could speed through them. I cannot seem to figure out a way to do that.

During normal conversations, right click advances dialogue. Does not seem to work in cinematics as it is one stream

I kept trying to hit the space key to advance the conversations! Thanks!

I think if I was a kid I would love the conversations and being immersed in the Marvel Universe (comic book version). Though it does make it take a long time between battles. The game really does feel a lot like Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

I do think the movies really make it harder to like the game voices. I think subconsciously I think that voice aint right.

Skipping all dialogue here as well!

Doesn’t seem like I’m missing anything, except why my character is wearing a choker! (Ha ha, you’re playing a Marvel game where you have to wear a choker!)

Disabling the launcher does seem to improve performance. Especially load times? Not sure what could be going here.

But how would you know?

It sounds like you are the one with a character wearing a choker. Isn’t the MC customizable? Also what’s wrong with a choker?

All right, I’m at 2 hours, that’s it for me! I’ll take that $60 back and snag this when it’s free on Epic. Too much cruft, too many words. Feels weirdly cheap? Like low-budget compared to Xcom? Did y’all get a load of those fake comic covers that show up when you win a battle? What are THOSE? They couldn’t have hired an artist?