Marvel Midnight Suns: Firaxis unveils the Nico vs. Chthon showdown Marvel fans have been waiting for!

I’m guessing this was imposed by Marvel.

Can’t you pay to remove that? Or not in Hunter’s room?

With some of those spots you are getting, it would be cool if we had the chance post-mission to scrub through the entire mission like you see in some racing games, picking cool moments, freely changing the camera, etc.

You can only tear down the actual real-world artworks. The lore-related images are mandatory, I tell you. Mandatory! It’s only the Dutch Masters who are optional.

Thanks for your stories, I am amused :)

In Xcom 2 there is the improved photo booth mod(s) that unlocked everything and gave you scads of options with poses, writing your own headlines, fonts, formations, etc. I expect it will be one of the first few good mods though I do see there isn’t Workshop integration on Steam and I wonder if Marvel copyright will end up being a thorn in the side of modding the game like this.

So a question about skins. I know I can get everything via the Season Pass, but I’m not really interested in the 4 new characters and it seems pretty expensive to me for what you get. But can you purchase individual skins in game or somehow? There are at least a couple I like and might be interested in buying.

You can. There’s a separate premium currency you can buy. I don’t think (based on the most recent dev stream) that any of them are exclusive, but I can’t say for sure which ones are or aren’t currently available to buy.

I read that the skins available for purchase within the game for the premium currency are what are contained in the Legendary Edition. I believe that the Season Pass only gives you the skins for the 4 extra characters

I do wish they gave you a choice during the Side missions to NOT have to kill/arrest all the reinforcements. It would be smart to grab what you can and run. Give extra prizes if you stay to fight. Sometimes I would like a quick battle.

I’m really enjoying this so far, but I have pretty regular crashes on PC and I may need to wait for a patch.

Did you bypass the 2k launcher?

I keep getting transaction errors if I fail a mission and go back to the main menu. I have to close the game and restart to get my saves to hook up again. I did try to bypass the 2k Launcher but when I opened the game Epic messed up and I had to reinstall the Epic Game Launcher and reinstall all my games. I personally dont want to do that again. I assume that bypassing the 2K Launcher shouldn’t have caused the issue but I dont want to repeat it if it indeed did cause some type of weird error.

I’ve played about 20 hours and haven’t had one.

Btw, I like the Stark performance much more than the rest of you. The trick is to pretend he’s Howard instead of Tony.

Thanks Tom for that whole post that was awesome 😀

Thats a shame - as Misguided, I’ve also put in a good 20 hours, without a single hitch. Maybe try validating files or some such?
People don’t like Stark? I find his performance very, very good - the fast talking is clearly a nod to the current Tony Stark, and it works quite well.

Yeah, multiple people up thread said he was hot garbage. I really like most of the VO, especially Spidey, Blade, and, Tom’s waifu so far.

I have been having a lot of fun with this over the weekend. However, I have not done the first story mission, where you rescue spider man from venom (or something like that). Instead I have been doing the side missions and leveling up everyone. I wonder if I am screwing myself.

I am going all light side and hunter is somewhat of a badass support character now.

I think I have more fun exploring the abbey grounds than the side missions. So far I have two words of power, but I think the third one is locked until I progress the main story.

Yeah, at times he sounds just like Downey when he gets going.

I’ve read that you can mess up if you do too many side missions. You can research, upgrade cards, and get training bonuses too fast, making fights too easy. But maybe raising the difficulty level would help?

Hint, if confused about what next at the Abbey, Wanda’s journal in the library will provide hints on what to do next.

Not all heroes wear tights: