Marvel Midnight Suns: Firaxis unveils the Nico vs. Chthon showdown Marvel fans have been waiting for!

Yes, I loved this game (and still love it, I was just in the middle of a new playthrough now that I eventually got it to work again). It was one of the main influence in my own game, Zodiac Legion actually (when it comes to designing large levels, for the mix of melee and ranged combat. I still need to add medieval jetpacks!).

There is also a 40K mod for OpenXCOM, but I haven’t checked it out extensively (ie, I just fumbled my way into a very quick defeat).

Chaos Gate is definitely a hidden gem. I would recommend it to anyone that likes X-COM, Warhammer 40K, and doesn’t mind playing games from the 90s.

This is a dramatic understatement. I think you can make the case for “worst cover of all time” (although I would consider that argument partly based on my thinking that Enter Sandman is a mediocre song to begin with).

I’m pretty happy we’re getting something new and different. We’ve seen a number of tactical games recently - Phoenix Point, Wasteland, and any number of clones out on Steam. Let them try something new.

You guys crack me up. Who cares about the song for a release trailer?

Anyone remember the Dragon Age announcement with the Jackson Pollock blood spatters and "this is the new shit! chugga chugga Maximum cringe.

Enter Sandman is like 30 years old. This is equivalent to when, I dunno… anyway it’s an old song dads and grandpas listen to. Awful covers should be expected.

So… is this a turn based strategy game like Xcom? Or is it an ARPG? Or a beat em up? What is this game?

So it plays nothing like XCOM, but they didn’t say Freedom Force!

I’d rather get a remake of Superhero League of Hoboken

Sounds like it’s turn-based missions but aside from that I don’t know. They mentioned gameplay will be revealed next week.

Apparently the people who made the trailer cared very much.

It is such a classic. The Crimson Tape still cracks me up.

But why do you care? It’s just a single song for a trailer. I care much more about the potential game than some song in the trailer. Seriously, of all the things to care about in the trailer, this has to be about at the bottom :)

I mean, it’s part of the messaging about the game. Until we get actual gameplay, what else are we gonna talk about? I guess we can go back to speculating about the roster of superheroes.

Feel free to lead the conversation about the game itself. What do you have for us? :)


Why do you care?

Yes and?

Was anyone making an argument that the song was indicative of anything other than (1) being a hilariously, historically awful cover and (2) a hilariously, probably historically marketing choice? Did you think we were speaking in code and secretly suggesting that a bad song in the trailer meant the game would be bad?

Yes, but we can talk about multiple things regarding the trailer all at once. I mean, most of us can.

Why did my mentioning the song ruin your day?

We don’t know anything about this game other than XCOM is being compromised and polluted with superhero nonsense, so irrelevant arguments about music choices in the trailer is all that’s left.

And what a glorious music choice it is! In 2021, most publishers’ trailer factories would flatly refuse to use a slow, soulful cover of a hard rock song. Some spineless coward in a suit probably explained this was already a cliche ten years ago, that it was always stupid, it’s distracting and the song has no connection to the game. But 2K’s marketing team doesn’t compromise on art. When the opportunity presented itself, they said “Fuck them all, we’re doing Enter Sandman”.

Does it seem a little weird that Jake’s thesis statement in his early interviews on this is “If you think this is Marvel meets XCom, you’re wrong.” As if Marvel meets XCom wouldn’t be kind of freaking awesome.

He’s probably just trying to set expectations appropriately. I thought there was actually an XCom-based superhero game back in the 1990s that got cancelled, so maybe a straight port of the concept doesn’t work. However, my GoogleFu is failing me in trying to lookup the game’s name, so perhaps I’m misremembering.

[Edit] Okay, after poking around some more, I found it. It was Guardians: Agents of Justice. Developed by Simtex who also developed Master of Orion I and II and Master of Magic and it was supposed to be published by Microprose which also published the original XCom games.

I remember a lot of people (including me) being bummed out when it got cancelled.

I’m sure there’s a lot to that, especially playing the expectations game.

I guess I have a built-in “Why are you doing that” aversion when it sounds even vaguely like a creator in any media is sort of poor-mouthing some great thing that they’ve created previously.

It didn’t ruin my day, I thought it was funny. But maybe it ruined your day, so back at you :)

I am very disappointed by this announcement.

But hopefully it turns into a good game… Still don’t see anyway it could possibly be better than an XCOM 3.