Marvel Midnight Suns: Firaxis unveils the Nico vs. Chthon showdown Marvel fans have been waiting for!

Praise the sun!

Oh. I only have one Word of Power.

Although now I’m worried if I should have a second one by now. So there’s no way to craft with herbs until you get a second Word of Power? Can someone give me a vague hint for when I should expect the second Word of Power?

Remember the blood gate? Have you found the second one? It’s in the NE part of the map. You must be well above the recommended level by now.

Nice! I take it you did some touch up on that one? Or did it actually come out that way?

I was messing around with one of the sloppily AI-generated covers, and I achieved this using only zoom and rotate to reposition the character model and tidy up the text positioning. I love that you can see the spider logo on the bottom of his shoe!

You can even see the detail on his web spitter device thingie (technical term)!

I don’t remember it by name, but it’s labeled on the map at the entrance to a tunnel. I’ve searched through the tunnel a couple of times, and as near as I can tell, it’s just a straight path to come out the other end. Looking at my map, I see there’s a common chest in there. (EDIT: Yep, I just ran through it again, and it’s a mostly straight shot, past two one-way drops, and then your out the other side. There’s a very short spur to reach the common chest, but that’s it. Whatever was down here, I already did. Apparently putting one of those “elemental rod” looking things in a pillar?)

If there was something down here that’s supposed to get you the second Word of Power, can you [spoiler] it for?

Also, I’m noticing the dog is sometimes included on the comics covers. And one of the superhero dialogues had something about the dog having a breath weapon. I wouldn’t think anything of it, but I also keep getting messages about leveling the dog’s abilities up because I pet it every day, but as far as I know, all it ever does is bark at stuff I can already see. Are you guys bringing the dog into battle somehow?

You get Charlie during World of Power missions.

As for the 2nd word of power. Have you collected all 4 Elemental Rods and placed them? After you do this you get some dialog with Agatha about your past. If you do that you might have to do a few other of her conversations in other spots until she ends up in the Library and offers you the Cauldron mission.

Also, I just learned you get a temporary Charlie as one of Hunter’s Cards. It’s pretty dope.

Ah, that’s it then! I’ve only gotten three elemental rods. I figured the fourth would be given to me at some point, because lord knows, I spent enough time looking for it with no luck. I’ll give it another shot tonight.

Thanks, @zenblack!

The book in the library will give you a clue where it is. New clue every night.

I went to the Photobooth app in the settings menu and generated a random cover, then modified every aspect of it :)

For me, I am loving all the Abbey cruft. I mean, I thought I’d hate it, but I really like it. Going fishing with Blade? Cool. Joining a club called EMO KIDS for spooky hypno-therapy sessions? Cool! Hanging out watching old Westerns? Nice. Dunno, but it’s engaging.

I do wonder about thee cauldron in the Library. Oh, I activated it and can make stuff, I just worry about the open (demon) flame and the fumes. Don’t those come with a warning “Do not toil and trouble indoors! For outdoor conjuring only!”?

If there’s a tunnel there, you already cleared the gate. When you first find the gate, you have to complete the challenge.

That’s a moon seal, fwiw.

Which rod are you missing?

not sure why you think I don’t know they respawn since I do and have from the start. I just didn’t see how you could get that far into the game and not unlock the cauldron unless you were just skipping it

I don’t know if it has been stated anywhere yet, and I’m not sure it is always true - but reinforcements seems to always end once you satisfy the primary mission objective. With the ‘don’t let the agent escape mission’ they seem to throw one more set of reinforcements at you when you get the agent. I’m curious if you have seen anything that goes against this, unless it is some type of spoiler.

I think they autosave after each turn if you really want to roll back to a prior state.

I must say it’s completely idiotic that the 2kLauncher doesn’t even boot up the correct version of the game when you play the PC version - manually changing the config to boot the 64bit version of the game has bumped up performance dramatically on my PC - I have no idea why Firaxis didn’t release this as a hotfix.

Same. And I thought I’d hate all that stuff. I’m pretty amazed how much I like everything about this game.

That matches my experience.

Regarding shoves, I absolutely moved, used an environmental attack, then used a second move to shove. Like others, though, there have been times I can’t use it that I can’t explain.

@geewhiz last couple of side missions have kicked my ass. Fallen venom showed up in the second. He wasn’t the reason it went poorly, really, but it didn’t help matters. Team comp/deck wasn’t ideal.

I did recover all three crates before they exploded, but couldn’t finish the mission. I did finish the first, but picked up my first couple of wounds. Think I’m going to kick the difficulty back down a notch for now.

I was stuck on this as well, and finally figured out something that is…less than obvious - I am going to spoiler it, but its not a spoiler per se, but more of a “Duh” moment

You need to go to the crypt in Hunters Folly, and use your Word of power on the door there (Duh!) and in there is an elemental rod, which in my my case was the last one missing at Agathas Altar. That leads to the series of small quests in the Abbey that expands on both the area, but also gives you access to the cauldron.

I too am 25 hours or so, and just figured this out last night - its a bit obtuse though. But let me say this - All elemental rods are there, avaialble in the first area.

@Razgon, I only just now saw your post as I was alt-tabbing over from having spent well over an hour going back and forth over the frickin’ abbey grounds, and then making a point to do it again with the dumb skinless dog tagging along, and then making a point to do certain bits again when she got stuck on the geometry somewhere (not often, but enough that if I took shortcuts and didn’t pay attention, I was liable to lose her), so I was about to come back here and detail exactly what I had done and where I had gone, complete with a screenshot of the map, and a description of which three elemental rods I’d installed, at which point I saw your post and thought…

…hmm, the skinless dog did jump up on the crypt door, but there was no prompt to open it, of course, so I just assumed she was barking at something inside I’d see later or maybe barking at the arcane chest just behind the crypt, it’s probably nothing…

…and then alt-tabbed back into the game, went directly to the crypt, and – bam! – opened the door! Thanks to you, @Razgon, I’m about to herbalize like no one’s ever seen!