Marvel Midnight Suns: Firaxis unveils the Nico vs. Chthon showdown Marvel fans have been waiting for!

Don’t let Tom hear you say that!

Indeed. After what happened with Sarah Palin… ;)

Crap, I keep getting a consistent crash after going through a certain mirror, during a certain ritual.

Edit: Have an older driver, hopefully that is it.

I am using Gather with the Portal. It sucks them all into the Portal - its fun!

Wait, so it DOES work?

edit: oh okay, it’s not the other scenario. Very nice.

It really does, and it really did. Thanks, man.

Magik is just one of my favorite characters. Not only does she like it when I get all dark and brooding but she is so much fun to play with on any team that can generate good heroism. Beside’s Iron Man she’s the only character I’ve been able to wipe an entire mission in one turn with so far and she can do it fast. I do kind of wish they would have presented some sort of romance option(s) but I can see why they wouldn’t have with Marvel being in the mix.

It probably doesn’t hurt that I had never heard of her before this game. As has been stated before, not being a comic book guy this game is a delight of silly/funny/interesting comic book goodness.

You didn’t watch The New Mutants (which despite all the negative publicity around it, is not a bad movie.)

ATJ is a pitch perfect Ilyana Rasputin.

Magik is absolutely a winner, gameplay and story-wise alike. I always look forwards to what she’s got to say, and she’s a joy to bash faces with.

I did this today and absolutely loved it. I would happily play dozens of tightly orchestrated challenges like that.

How did you do that?

I haven’t had a ton of success using her yet, but I don’t have a bunch of upgrades either, despite running several missions with her.

On a different note, I had a lousy morning today, but a certain mission at Avenger’s Tower really made my day.

There was some setup into it and the enemy positioning happened to favor me being in range to get all the non-minions into a Gather, then I used a barrel + lamp post + Hell Ride to finish them off after building heroism with quicks and using the double heroism card. I used the +2 Draw item (my favorite before getting some of the better ones). The only reason I was able to get it all done was I got a free move from an upgraded quick soulslash.

I kind of wish they had a save replay function just for epic missions or rounds that are like that. There is a ton of satisfaction I get out of optimizing a turn.

It would be great for getting pictures, too.

The setting up of stuff is a lot of the fun. There are enough environmental features and enough variations of layouts so that it is challenging but not impossible to figure out cool ways to off the Hydra goons. And it’s so much fun to whack them that way.


I had the the most funnest combo in all my gaming life.

I put down a Deadly Ground (Hunter Explosion Trap thingy) and then a Limbo Portal by Magik.

Magik pulls the old Gathering attack putting enemies into the Limbo Portal and directed to the Deadly Ground. POW BOOM All kinds of enemies go poof!

Next Magik used her card that lets her push an enemy through mini portal back into the Limbo Portal and once again into Deadly Ground! Bye Bye you evil I hate you so much Hydra Marksman!

They really are the fucking worst.

Oh…I’ve seen THINGS on the dev streams. Despite what you might think in the early going, Hydra are not the only enemy faction…

Is that good? I have had a couple of chances to take it, but there was always something else I wanted.

Deadly Ground is Team situational. If you are teamed with Magik or other pushing heroes you can get extra damage. If you have Scarlett Witch she can trigger them like a bomb {I don’t have her yet).

But assuming you can make use of them, they do are effective/do good damage? Knocking enemies into then works? You mention using them for multiple attacks, does each blow up once?

It can be hard to predict the damage you will do with many of the combos, which probably annoys gamers who like to calculate everything exactly (my wife is like that, and the way I play drives her nuts), but the variety is nifty. I particularly like playing Hydra skittles. Hunter’s Whip card is good for this, as are any attacks with forceful knockback. When combined with environment objects like generators (shock), explosive barrels (um, explosive!), and boxes/edge of the map (impact damage), knockback type attacks are a hoot. Once you get the perk where your heroes can act as bumpers that do damage to enemies knocked into them it gets even better.

Well done!

I actually pity Hydra Marksmen. My guys got a lot of trouble to bring, and guess who’s absolute top of the list for receiving it? Even if there’s a boss I hit the marksman first, the problem/hp ratio makes it feel reasonable to do so.