Marvel Midnight Suns: Firaxis unveils the Nico vs. Chthon showdown Marvel fans have been waiting for!

I know a lot of values seem tied to the Offense stat, like how much Block Danvers will get with her big AoE taunt, how much Healing the hunters heals provide, and how much damage Bleed deals per turn, so I’m wondering if that’s where the damage from things like this comes from? Normally I see an indicator giving me a sense for how much of a life bar is getting deleted from a target so I don’t need specific numbers, just that general sense is enough for me, but I super appreciate there are numbers and stats to all of this stuff, and the stats are proving more and more relavent as I progress in (such as Fortitude granting a small amount of block per turn depending on how high the Fortitude stat is).

Yes, there is a lot of crunchiness below the surface, more than one might think. It’s a nice layering of systems.

I just hit day 16 and am heading out on my 8th story mission. What kind of days to story mission ration do you guys have - just curious. I think I’ve generally been doing story missions unless the game tells me I need to do a normal one, or if I really need some resources to upgrade a card, unlock research, etc

Im at day 53 I thonk, and have probably done around 8 or so story missions.

Personally, I do 1 or 2 side missions before a story mission. At least 1 of those is usually due to a character wanting or needing to do something or using a Sparring upgrade. It gives me a chance to build some friendships with diverse heroes. I like to keep a selection of heroes within striking distance of doing well on harder missions and then spread it out on the heroes I only use situationally.

The Deadly Ground hung around for several turns like Limbo Portal does. I had killed everyone on the mission and it was still there so not sure how long it lasts and how random is the timer. I have had the Limbo Portal disappear quickly and other times last much longer and assume all the trap powers work the same.

I was not watching the numbers too much. It did not kill an elite by itself but did when in combo with Gathering, Limbo Portal etc. Pushing them into it works as long as it is present not sure if attack power diminishes. Wanda adds the trigger it like a bomb so if we get her it has flexibility.

I only used the power once so my impressions are not at the level you are looking for ; )

Magik’s Limbo Portals are permanent until they’re used, right? At which point they disappear. In other words, barring some special passive or synergy, her Limbo Portals are one-shot powers, standing by until you use them and then gone.

So I’m not understanding how Gather is supposed to interact with the Limbo Portal. You’re saying you used the Gather ability, but rather than drop the gathered monsters down into the center of their current area like it normally does, it spit them out horizontally, through her Limbo Portal? All of them?

My Limbo Portals have lasted more than one use. In the combo I mention above I used them at least twice on two separate turns in a row.

Maybe I am misunderstanding how Gather works but I play Gather right on the Portal. They seem to go through the Portal and in the direction that I want them to go. To be honest I thought that Gather had to be used with the Portal when I first saw it. Seemed like the perfect combo to me.

I have never had a portal last more than once. I also have never had Gather interact with a portal. I play Magik all the time.

Magik’s passive gives a % chance that a limbo portal will stay after used. You can only have 1 limbo portal up at a time, it will replace it if you use the card.

Yeah, that’s really puzzling to me as well, @Harkonis. I use Magik a lot and I’ve never seen Limbo Portal or Gather work like geewhiz describes. I wonder if he got some passive equipped that we haven’t seen?

I believe my Magik’s passive is a 10% chance to draw a Limbo Portal when her Limbo Portal is used. Which is more or less what you’re describing.

Passives improve as you get friendship levels.

drawing a portal card (which is also what I thought it was) seems quite different (and better!) from having a portal remain after use. Maybe a higher friendship level also adds a chance for a portal to stay?

Gather’s explanation is bring everyone to the center where you play it correct? So if the center is on a Portal wouldnt that activate the Portal?

I suppose I might have thought that was the way it was working and it simply flung people into the Deadly Ground. Also if Gather doesnt put people through the Portal than it was never used like I thought it was.


I think you might have misinterpreted what you saw, which anyone can do. There’s a ton of activity onscreen, especially during the crazy combos!

The Limbo Portal is only “activated” when Magik does something that causes Knockback. I’m pretty sure it says as much on a tooltip somewhere, but I don’t remember where I saw that. And your Relay is the same passive my Magik got at Friendship Level 2, so I’m guessing that doesn’t vary.

Gather is a great ability, and it does shoot enemies through portals (it might even trigger Magik’s skill card to damage anything she sends through a Limbo Portal?), but I don’t think it connects to her Limbo Portals, which will only accommodate one enemy at a time, as far as I’ve been able to use them.

So, I’m 20ish days/30+ hours into the game at this point. I wanted to specifically address the strategic layer in the abbey. I wasn’t looking forward to this game because of the “live the hero life” aspect, or even because it was an RPG.

I played both Persona 5 and Fire Emblem: Three houses, but quite on both early. I didn’t like the out of combat systems. It all felt like so much busywork. Not only that, but I felt like there was a real disconnect between one part of the day and the next. Why on earth was I doing all this stuff for?

In contrast, I find myself really looking forward to the between-mission parts of Midnight Suns. I’m getting new cards, upgrading them, tweaking decks, buying/earning base upgrades, researching new tech, leveling up characters that have fallen behind (especially if I need them for the next mission), crafting consumables, etc. there’s continual progress being made on a bunch of different fronts.

All of those things directly impact combat effectiveness. Even the club activities award new cards or consumables. And while I think it would be easy to dismiss the friendship systems as superficial, the in-combat benefits are enormous in the long run.

All this to say that, to me, the gameplay loop feels much tighter and better integrated than those games. And while I absolutely love the tactics, I think the game is better for the complementary systems.

I like the Abbey and most of the activities but really do not like running around for ingredients. I was hoping that the dream screen we see each time Hunter wakes up would be an indicator of where the plants/mushrooms had respawned (but no such luck). I run around every few turns to gather stuff for the cauldron etc. I probably do not use the combat cards enough though.

BTW, does anyone have a list of the best Havens per Hero?

I have no idea how respawns work. I can say with certainty that the chests do not respawn on a fixed schedule (that is chests of a specific rarity don’t always come back after x days). I suspect chests have a small chance to respawn each day, perhaps getting incrementally larger each day they don’t.

Plants feel more like they come back in groups, but not sure.

Meet cute

I like the Abbey stuff, too, other than farming mats. Not much I dislike about this game. It’s a delight - even for a superhero movie hator like myself.