Marvel Midnight Suns: Firaxis unveils the Nico vs. Chthon showdown Marvel fans have been waiting for!

Yeah, I am about as far from being a superhero/comics fan as you can get, and I love this thing. I too was worried about the out of combat/Summer House stuff but it turns out that stuff is really fun. I don’t like the foraging for plants any more than anyone else, but it’s not that hard, and you have to explore/go places enough that it doesn’t really impact things too much. You can’t use that many items/potions during a match, and the rest of the stuff you make like essences so far hasn’t been that hard to find normally.

I’m just into the second act or chapter or whatever, with all my heroes around 12-14. So far I’ve wound up, through no plan or intent, as Mr. Light, even though if there was a romance option I’d definitely go for Magik or Nico over Captain Marvel any day of the week (sorry Tom).

I really like the mission/combat design too. I thought I’d be put off by the puzzle aspects, but it’s really more like good tactical problems than finding the “one true way.” When you do puzzle out how to do what you need to do under the constraints you are given, it’s quite satisfying.

And the story is actually fun. I mean, I think it holds together at least as well if not better than most mainstream fantasy malarky.

Plants respawn per area unless you didn’t clear it before. I don’t know about the respawn rate on chests either. I thought they would all be on a separate “tier” timer and they may still be since it’s hard to quantify how long something is on cooldown. But the epic chest in the abbey has never respawned, while the legendary by the Standing Stones has respawned once in my game.

I go harvesting every 3 days or so. It’s been more than enough to keep me up for quests and items from the cauldron. When I opened a new area I would clear everything that night then go back in the morning and clear it and just put it on the schedule.

I never realized that we can run more than one Hero Op. Than again I never had enuff intel to pay for it either until recently. I did it by accident and had a marvelous epihany.

Enuff said!

I like to hear what Abilities everyone is adding to their cards? Any favorites?

I opened two chests at the standing stones back to back. They respawn Ed a couple of days apart. That’s how I can say with confidence they aren’t on a fixed timer. I’ve also seen a blue chest respawn after a couple of days, where others take much longer.

You can’t initially. That’s a research upgrade to run two. There are also upgrades that give you more Intel from caches, and the ability to interrogate hydra soldiers can give more Intel.

There is an upgrade that enables simultaneous runs you must have already built.

I was all set to play more tonight but this update is huge (25GB) and my steam deck never seems to do better than 15MB/s.

Might not be that big - mine is 4 GB in and says its 54% done (and 29/53 GB updated). Very odd.

On Steam Deck?

Ugh - no on PC.

Fuck. This update crashes the entire deck when I try to load any save. Hopefully it still works on the PC.

How do you get more challenges? I did the Hunter one (which took me a bunch of tries to figure out) and now I want to do more.

I have had the Epic Chest in the Library respawn at least once with the rares also respawning that same turn. The common chest seem to respawn a lot. I wasn’t watching the chests every turn so it is possible they respawned at different intervals but seem like they appeared on the same turn now that I think about it.

I also had the Gold/Legendary Chest respawn on the Standing Stones once as well.



I believe what it said when those were unlocked was the others are friendship-based. Since I know they have to be at max friendship to get their legendary suits and that’s how Hunter acquired theirs, maybe theirs are also through those challenges?

From Reddit:

PSA for Steam Deck users - this update causes the game to crash when trying to load a game. Go into the game’s Properties tab in the Steam settings and enter “-d3d11” without the quotation marks into the launch commands field. This will force the game to launch with DX11.

This fixed it for me and I was able to load my game without crashing.

Spiderman loves bird watching? I guess he never watched Gilligan’s Island the episode where the Giant Spider is about to kill them and Gilligan frees a little bird which attacks the spider and the Professor says Of Course Birds are the natural enemy of Spiders (just ask the Vulture he knows). ; )

I found this Hangout Chart


The performance with the last update seems to have gotten worse for me and also crashed during my story mission.

I haven’t updated, but have seen other complaints about this. I WANT to update, because I think it fixes the binary bug, but going to wait a bit.