Marvel Midnight Suns: Firaxis unveils the Nico vs. Chthon showdown Marvel fans have been waiting for!

Luckily I made some progress each time it crashed and I was able to load an autosave. look4-5 crashes to make it through the venom / church bell mission. Hopefully the problems were specific to that mission. I’ll hopefully play another combat tomorrow.

Just did that one today. Probably a lot less fun with having to reload a bunch.

I can’t even load the game on the PC. Waited 10 minutes. I guess I’ll have to play with settings.

I also noticed something weird. Midnight Suns EXE is running at below normal priority. Doesn’t seem to be well, normal.

edit: Fixed. Reboot the system. Apparently there’s a game reporter process that crashes. It’s probably the same damn thing that’s supposed to report game crashes…

The 30 second stutter seems to be gone… but i also switched to DX11.

Been strongly considering getting this but with what you guys are reporting, maybe I should hold off for the next patch. Sounds like they sort of borked things.

Thanks! I’m glad to know there is a work around. I noticed the game is running DX12 on my PC, and I have it set to DX11, and reverting it back to 11 does nothing so I think DX11 is just… not working/not available and iirc Steam Deck cannot do DX12, probably why this works. Hopefully they fix it soon.

I was also happy to see the news bite from last Thursday they are looking into Deck optimizations and fixing the frustrating cloud save issue. Having to manually rename my save folder each time I want to switch devices I play on (PC vs Deck) has been annoying, but it plays pretty damn well on the Deck already so it’s worth the hassle - though if they can optimize it so I can run it on High settings and have a working cloud save system, that would be ideal. Hopefully before I wrap up my time with it, though I am certain to play through it again some day.

I am not having any crashes so far and I think the problem with save file disconnecting is better than it was, time will tell. I am playing through Epic and am using the 2k launcher which I think is the culprit for the save game issues I have been experiencing.

I got my first Three Stars on the Venom/Church Mission! WooHoo!

It has worked flawlessly on consoles. It’s only the PC release that’s borked.

I’ve failed the final Word of Power mission twice now. I’ve got to figure out how to absorb enormous damage with just me and Charlie. I notice that there are very few healing abilities in the game and the best one is a Light path Hunter card, which sucks if you’re playing Dark path. I guess I could also just try to overlevel myself or drop the difficulty. I am getting a bit of game fatigue. I’m playing on Heroic 2 (though I have Ultimate 1 available.)

That’s awesome!

Confirmed. I have Nico and Magik’s challenges now, both interesting puzzles. The challenges are my favorite part of the game. Getting to max friendship is hard. I suspect I’ll only be able to get a half dozen or so by the end. Blade and Spiderman are next.

Loving this game so far. I worried it would be too puzzle-y in combat, but once I learned to live with 1 and 2 star grades it really opened up for me. The variety of approaches based on heroes/cards/environments is great. I sort of wish this was a new IP so they could go full Dragons Age romance simulator, but I’m sure Firaxis understands the power of the formula. Maybe the next project.

What I really want is a guide to finding the cat, whom I search for every evening with only intermittent success.

Thanks. I’ve got a couple to 3, I think. I wonder if it would be better to save compliments early in the game, even though it would slow down early friendship Building. Honestly don’t think I want to micromanage the process to that degree.

Unfortunately, the new patch has changed my steam deck game from “crash on sleep” to “crash on load”. I’m gonna keep the faith!

The cat has a paw icon on the map.

I have Spiderman maxed out at 5
Blade & Magik at 4
Nico & Ironman at 3
Captain America at 2

Everyone else at this point is 1
I plan on getting Wolverine up high once he joins the team.

I play a lot of side missions with Hunter which probably helps with friendship.

There is no time limit to this game. I don’t think it’s worth min maxing the abbey time management like persona - looking up what the best gift is, or hunting down the cat/dog every night is needless IMO.

mostly true, I did get a video memory error telling me to get a better video card on my series x ;)

Well unfortunately the update did not fix the connection error with save files. I have to quit the game and restart if I choose to leave a mission.

The Sanctum fight is hard especially because I do not get to choose my squad 2 members

Well…day 23 was certainly a banger.