Marvel Midnight Suns: Firaxis unveils the Nico vs. Chthon showdown Marvel fans have been waiting for!

I don’t get that screen, maybe because I have the game setup to bypass the 2K login as it really hurts the performance of the game, the game goes right to Steam to start…

Still working my way through this long game, although my progress might speed up because I’m ready to give up on Diablo IV because I’m sick of dying every 2 minutes.

I’ve reached the mission where Doctor Strange tells us to go search for the Barghest that Hunter and Blade saw around the grounds.

Is this a continuity error, or do I have a bad memory not remembering ever seeing it around the grounds?

There was a cutscene at some point where you are talking to Blade outside and hear a rumbling in the bushes or somesuch. Don’t sweat it, though, it’s nothing important.

I was surprised to find this one in my steam library from a Humble Choice month and gave it a go.

What a great game! I’m totally hooked on the Slay the Spire combat with kickass graphics and am really digging the AAA narrative wrapped in a dating sim. I am disappointed you can’t consummate any of those compliments, but the dialogue is sharp and appropriately movie Marvel. I’ve laughed many times at the snark and think they did a great job with the Avengers.

I didn’t know anything about the Midnight Suns before starting and am finding I like them more after 10 hours. Can anybody say how true they are to the comics? Really digging the backstory, powers and personalities so far.

At this point I’m fully hooked and eager to continue. Hope it holds up over the long haul.

I picked this up during the end of year holiday sales and still haven’t played it. Also got Gears Tactics (along with a bunch of others) and was recently trying to decide which to play of the two first.

I don’t have an encyclopedic knowledge of comics but from what I gathered from the comments of those playing as well as interviews it is pretty much spot on as far as the comics are concerned. I actually vastly prefer Dr. Strange in the game compared to the Cinematic universe as he’s portrayed as basically the Arch-Nerd and I can’t think of an in-game performance that doesn’t match the character.

Edit: The only Ghost Rider I knew was the old one which didn’t have much time to have a personality, so maybe Ghost Rider is a new take.

What a waste…

Oh, why couldn’t that article have been release a month and 13 days ago.

This game is pure digital crack for me right now. Up late again last night and itching to jump back in. I found the photobooth section and went crazy with decorating the abby.

I did buy the season pass as I had it through the Humble Bundle. Pricey at $50 but fortunately Humble is having a Spring sale now so was able to get it for $15. The full legendary version with everything is $22 and I can highly recommend if folks don’t have it.

Still formulating my overall thoughts of the game and will post in more detail when I do. As a professional in a similar space, the photo builder especially deserves some comment.

I bought the game and all the DLC on the Christmas sale Steam had, I’ve only dabbled in the beginning of the game so far but would be interested to hear your take on the game.

I’m tempted by the Humble sale price for the Legendary Edition and the fact that this game is turn-based (didn’t realize that).

I’m also not up to date on the whole Denuvo anti-tamper controversy. Are there any serious concerns there – is it just an authentication/encryption thing for the game files (with expected performance hits) or is it a nasty cordyceps thing that sinks its teeth deep into your whole system? I was very anti-Starforce back in the day and am still wary of DRM that mucks with your system/hardware rather than just the game itself.

FYI, Green Man Gaming has the legendary edition slightly cheaper, at $21.50.

I can’t speak authoritatively, but as I understand it Denuvo just potentially borks the game’s performance and doesn’t impact your system as a whole. Of course, you can also go with GOG, as noted. As an aside, I have had zero performance issues with it but I know some people have done side by sides of with and without Denuvo in some games, and without always gets better FPS in those videos (although to be fair, there’s likely some selection bias involved).

And also @Warfran my work exploded so apologies for not replying sooner. I’m not sure who gets to apologize to me for not being able to play during this past week though, as I’ve been jonesing hard to jump back in.

Ah well, perhaps next week will open up. In the meantime, my recommendation to all remains “drop everything and play this right freaking now” if the following is true.

  1. You loved Slay the Spire gameplay. Bonus if you wished it had better graphics.
  2. You enjoy Marvel characters. The writing is decent and voice acting better than most, which is good because there is a lot of it. Some misses there to, but forgivable given how many characters are in the game. As I understand, it remains true to the comic backgrounds, which was nice to learn as I wasn’t familiar with Midnight Suns. Most importantly, the tone is mostly cinema, at least for the Avengers. It leans heavily into the humor and snark, which I really enjoy.
  3. You enjoy the dating elements of RPGs, like giving gifts and raising relationship meters.
  4. You like to style up your characters with clothing and cosmetics.

Haven’t had any technical issues, and have no idea if it uses Denuvo or not. I go to Steam. Click play. It pops up it’s own portal like BG3 and I hit play again. Hopefully that helps. Even if you enjoy just the first point I think it’s well worth 22 bucks and the time invested. The X-Com dudes really do know how to make good games.

Denuvo wasn’t an issue, the issue was it’s own launcher completely fucked the performance unless you disabled it.

The actual pre-game launcher that pops up when you run the game? Wow, that’s rather dumb for that to be a problem.

Yep. It’s possible they fixed it, but it was absolutely insane the way it tanked performance.
I couldn’t even play the game until I got around it.

I think the difference was like 70 fps or something.

I think the problems were mainly those that bought the game on Epic.

Makes me sad when this thread is updated with someone enjoying the game because in the end I know we won’t get an expansion for it as I enjoyed it thoroughly and would love a new story.