Marvel Midnight Suns: Firaxis unveils the Nico vs. Chthon showdown Marvel fans have been waiting for!

Can I just bump the difficulty if this happens? I’d like to engage with the crafting, but I don’t want to ruin my fun.

It will calm down as the game progresses. Initially you need to be frontloaded with a lot of story and the tone they are trying to portray for all the fractured personalities.

Yes you should. Try the highest difficulty you can as you progress and you will get to try out all the different ways to amplify your power. Especially if you keep swapping around your characters to build up their decks. It’s unfortunate you have to have Hunter for every story mission, but for the in between missions you can run without them in the party and look for fun synergies, find consumables you do like and try some of the card abilities you can’t really see a use for when raw damage is your primary goal like Drop for example.

Bah, I was going to ask about this! That is unfortunate; the other characters are way more interesting right now.

You’re about to hit the point where there are side missions where Hunter isn’t needed, that should scratch that itch.

I’m day 5, I think, just opened up side missions on the map and figured out Fus Roh Da opens more than Agatha’s altar. Pretty cool game, like everyone I think it’s way, way too chatty at the start but as long as that eases up a bit I’m satisfied. The mechanics are a bit obscure but also discoverable, which in my mind is the perfect balance. The only thing worse than too many mechanics (looking at you, Suicide Squad) is too few and being handheld in exactly how to use them in any situation. The environmentals are logical but the can you/can’t you took me quite a few fights to start figuring out.

Oh, question: Do character levels do anything but make numbers go up by 1? I don’t think I’ve seen anything along the line of “choose new talents.”

Heck, questions:

  1. For throwing things and vaulting things, it seems like if you have the position to hit a target, they are always free and you can do as many of them as you want? This is obviously metered by having to be in the right position (I’m discounting Move right now) and have a valid target at the end. It seems like if I had infinite targets and infinite vaults/newspaper bundles I could just keep throwing and vaulting and etc.
  2. . . . that’s about it. The movement/environmental rules are still obscure, but otherwise just by day 5 I think I’ve figured out the rest, though of course not to any sort of optimal level.

Not free! They cost heroism (usually 1 or 2 points). There’s a card someone has that reduces the cost by 1, which does make a lot free…

That kind of progression comes mostly from upgrading the deck (and to a very small extent from the friendships). The cards you gain are theoretically tied to character levels, but it doesn’t matter a lot in practice because the character level of everyone else will rubberband close to Hunter’s level.

I’m mostly digging this. It feels like, card play aside, Solomon and his team looked at some Switch tactical games and tried to crib from them a bit: some of the movement / environmental stuff feels like a riff on movement in Mario + Rabbids and the Abbey is basically the monastery from Fire Emblem: Three Houses (though, frankly, neither of those things here are as engaging as they were in those games).

I bounced off Slay the Spire pretty hard when I played it, but I am enjoying the combat and deck building mechanics here. The Abbey does not bother me either, though I’m only about a week into the game (in gametime). Still, the writing is poorly paced. For instance, when you are walking toward an objective / portal or doing upgrades you often need to pause to let the characters get all their dialogue in. The limbo section recalls some points in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, which was a game where the dialogue seemed to end exactly when you were about to transition areas, which makes this stick out more than it would otherwise. The writing is probably a bit too quippy / MCU for my taste too, at this point. But it is, so far, a very good game that deserved better than what it got.

I’m still very early in this, but the whole "here’s a loading screen so we can load an environment where you will take three steps to click on something so you can get another loading screen… I can live without.

Of course, I quit Three Houses in disgust after I’d played for like three hours and only gotten to do two battles. I think Midnight Suns might suffer the same fate.

I bought the dlc. However, I can’t get any of the characters. I did some googling and they should all be available to me except maybe Storm. However, I don’t see their missions on the table.

Did I progress too far in the game? I just did the mission where you fight Venom in the bell tower. Do I need to start a new game to make the characters available? That would be awful, I don’t want to do all that abbey stuff again.

On Xbox I purchased them but they would not download automatically, so I had to do that by hand. Then they appeared. Not sure if there could be a similar issue on PC.

I don’t think there’s a point that’s ’too far’ into the game to do the DLC missions. If you haven’t done a full day and slept since buying them, you probably need to do that for the missions to be generated and appear on the map.

Yup this was it. I’m on PS5.

So does this game just have some lousy video compression in the opening cinematic, and is that gonna happen the rest of the game, too?

Most of the cinematics are in-engine, so no regardless, although I don’t remember the opening cinematic being particularly bad in that way. I think there is a low res version for min spec systems so maybe it used that for some reason?

One of the nice things about the game is that there’s tons of viable ways to play where you can use different heroes in different combinations/configurations. That said, I think it’s going to simplify story missions if you have a decent amount of damage ability on Hunter.

2xGuardian Strikes are a no-brainer with the free block and also can do good damage when needed.
2xMorning Stars since the damage boosting carries across multiple part fights so are amazing for story missions.
Patience and/or Fury are great for when the minions come to play in missions.

So 5-6 slots for damage still leaves space for heals and other buffs if you want to play with Hunter more in that style

I think it might, might be the video resolution? I can fix the pixelation by dropping down to a windowed 720p…but…really?

Thankfully the game renders are fine at full resolution, but what in the world?

Deadpool pointed out the Abbey has no bathrooms and it’s really upsetting me. Then he brought in a food truck.

I’m into Act 2 now and my team is getting absolutely wrecked. The enemies have tons of health and do crazy damage, and I think my cards suck. Hardly any of them have mods, and I’m constantly strapped for essences to upgade or mod them. Like I never have enough, and the only way to get more is to do missions.

I’m wondering if I should be focusing on a few heroes instead of mixing it up? Mixing it up is fun. Maybe I’m under leveled? Maybe I should drop the difficulty? I’ve had a bunch of missions I’ve had to reload out of because I go in with a bad hand or bad hero combo and they’re just unwinnable.

This game doesn’t let you abort a mission, which is dumb. If you forgot to save before a mission, you go back all the way to the previous night and have to redo all the Abbey chores you did before starting the mission. It’s a giant flaw and another way they don’t respect your time at all.

Hmm. The two times I tried a mission I wasn’t ready for, the game had auto saved at the mission table, so I just reloaded that and picked a different mission.

Yeah, of course keep the difficulty level at a level that you find fun to play at.

You should definitely mix it up, and the game should be encouraging that with the injury system.

I’ve had a bunch of missions I’ve had to reload out of because I go in with a bad hand or bad hero combo and they’re just unwinnable.

My experience is that almost everything is winnable without any kind of grinding on the strategic layer, though not necessarily straightforward

Have you unlocked the shove ability, and are you remembering to use it every round? I don’t think that ability is ever actually tutorialized, nor does the game ever remind you of its existence unlike it does with basically every other system.

So it’s really easy to miss, and having a free knockback is a huge boost.