Marvel Puzzle Quest

I stopped playing when I realized I simply could not win in PvP or competitive PvE… The impossibility of victory made it feel like it was all for nothing.

I’ve won 4 or 5 Versus and can place highly if I try (and its centered around a hero I have leveled up) and 1 or 2 Storylines too I think. Like I said, fun enough to tinker with it from time to time throughout the day.

I stopped playing when their app broke with an Android update, and once I’d stopped, I found I was much happier without it. What that article said about feeling the need to expand in order to keep your covers until you can use them is spot on, and no longer worrying about it helped my stress level.

I have a pretty decent roster of 45 characters, with Modern Storm as my only * and a decent spread of ** and *** (with a fully level Patch Wolverine as my “main”) without spending money.

The matchmaking has been affecting my ability to place within top 100 for PVP (the main way I’ve been building my *** roster) lately though.

It helps to read the forums on the “best” character builds. Then I don’t care when I win yet another Yelena Black Widow cover that I invariably forget to sell for ISO points.

I have plenty of 3* guys, some maxxed, but right around 500 in pvp I find myself against unbeatable opposition. Then I look at the leaderboards and see people at 7, 8, 900 and I’m like, welp, no win for me!

Oh, LOL. Do you join PVP right when it starts? I usually tried to enter a bracket close to the end time, and 600 tends to be the top score so getting 300+ puts me within the top 100 for another 3* cover. But recent matchmaking has prevented that strategy from working.

Like any other MMO, when I was part of a top alliance, I got the most rewards, but I simply didn’t have time for it and moved to a more casual alliance.

Thread arise!

I recently started a guild, getting tired of guild-hopping from public guild to public guild where most people have been dormant for months. The game seems to promote guilds that are almost full, which means when someone leaves a guild because it’s dormant, it’s just offered up to the next person who will inevitably do the same. Meanwhile fresh guilds with fewer people get no exposure on the public lists, so nobody joins.

Which I why i’m here. Our guild is small, but I’ve been active every day for months. I’m working to get a couple/few friends in as well, but wanted to put the call out here. If you’re not in a guild at all, there’s no drawback to joining – you’ll just get free stuff every day and every event. If you’re in a mostly-dormant guild, I’d advise you to jump ship over to mine. As we get bigger, we’ll get more critical mass, and all members will be currently active.

Guild name = “Popcappers” (I’m working on getting more PopCap folks in, but it’s not limited to us at all.)

Hi Slantz,

I’m on day 676 for daily rewards. I play every day, but I have been slacking in PVP. My handle is InternetWiz.

Awesome, glad to have you aboard!

Still going…

I’m so freaking annoyed there hasn’t been a quality sequel to Puzzle Quest. I only avoided this one because it’s a F2P mobile game. I just want to pay my $20 and own the game. Puzzle Quest is one of my favorite games of all time, and the negative reviews for this title happen to check the very boxes that tick me off the most. I’m even more annoyed that PQ3 is apparently going to be more of the same.

And don’t even get me started on Plants vs Zombies.

The first one is still great!

I agree 100%.

There is a remake of PQ1 on the Switch, but no idea if it is worth revisiting.

I’ve seen it but have avoided it because I don’t typically enjoy playing match-3 type games with a controller.

If only the Switch had a touch screen… wait!

I have it. There are a bunch of new classes which seem ok, but not particularly inspired (iirc several are different flavors of the same thing). There’s new content, but I haven’t spent nearly enough time to reach it. Having playedThe early parts of the game many times, it feels like a bit of slog to wade through the story. It would be nice if they would bring the new stuff to the steam version, though (then I could stream it to my iPad)

…but that would mean playing in handheld mode… and that would mean occassionally getting off the couch between games. I’m not sure that’s compatible with my lazy lifestyle.

I completely forgot it has a touch screen.