Marvel Snap: Marvel's digital CCG

And while I’m linking to Bynx, enjoy the ultimate in absolutely terrible decks that will only ever work one out of hundreds of times, but when they do your opponent will probably uninstall…

This is a weird season for me. On the one hand I have not been advancing much. Normally at this point in the season I would be mid to upper 80’s. Instead I haven’t even hit 80 (I started at 70). Partly a bit less play than previous seasons, partly I got so sick of Thanos and ShuriSkull decks I said ‘fuck it’ and just play decks have more fun with.

Like my DinoShield deck. Definitely fun and effective, but it has a hard time reliably beating Shuri decks. Mostly because the stupid scaling it can drop. Look, 30 power red skull under Armor. Next turn Taskmaster and Zero. Did you guess right on the taskmaster lane while not having priority? No? Get fucked then. Blech.

But I played it more anyhow because it’s a fun deck. But with the meta as it is mostly is cube neutral. Also been trying Sera decks since she was my next to last pool 3 unlock, but she’s in a similar place unless you have Darkhawk. Few things can match power with Shuri Skull, and she is very vulnerable to the Lockjaw Leeching. Doesn’t matter if your deck has answers when you get Leeched constantly.

My latest has been a DoomWave deck, which actually does pretty well. Thing is I just don’t want to run a single top tier list that can beat Thanos and Shuri, and only that deck, just for the sake of climbing. Because there is a ton of fun and competitive decks if you aren’t facing those two monsters.

Seriously I can’t wait for those two decks to get whacked. I even have a Shuri Red Skull deck, I could run that, but I just am sick of seeing it and don’t want to play it. It’s just… boring. There is no creativity in how you run it, it is solved. You either draw your cards on curve, or not. You don’t beat your opponent by out thinking them, it’s who gets their combo in order.

Well I just unlocked Agent Coulson, which means I can build that S.H.I.E.L.D. deck you were all having fun with, but it also means Maximus will officially be my last series 3 card. Kinda lame, I could’ve used him about a dozen cards ago because he’s a pretty solid power push that slots well into a lot of deck styles I enjoy, but it won’t be too long now.

Okay @Harkonis please explain how to play the S.H.I.E.L.D. deck. When do you play, when do you bail? I rarely get the collector out early enough to be meaningful. Quinjet is nice but is this just a chaos deck at the mercy of the random cards you’re getting?

obviously an early collector is very good, but even without it tends to do pretty well for me. sif the helicarrier and ghostrider it back is decent power, devil dino is often a big part of winning as well. Without Collector a White Queen into Devil Dino into their 6 drop isn’t terrible either.

I won’t speak for @Harkonis , but the deck I posted earlier and enjoy is this

Obviously optimal Turn 1&2 is Quinjet->Collector. But absent that Agent 13 is fine to open. Quinjet is an always play card until turn 4 (5 if you didn’t have Dino in Hand). But generally just play whatever card draw you have in hand. My priority is White Queen>Coulson>Cable>Maria Hill>Sentinel>Moon Girl.

I honestly can’t recall last time I played Moon Girl. Maybe only if a turn 6 collector build if cards fell exactly wrong. Killmonger is really only a Thanos tech card because screw those stones.

Ok so I’ve been having my fun with the Dino Shield deck above, but also so much Thanos is out there for me. Seriously just played 3 matches on a break, all 3 Thanos and got Leached on turn 4 each time. So I figured I’d share the deck I’ve been running today that has plenty of ‘get wrecked Leach’ potential.

It’s like a lot of Dracula decks in that it’s top heavy. It also isn’t one you super control what he hits since you rarely get everything out. So don’t bank on it.

But both Destroyer and Infinaut make getting hit with Leach much more paleatable. And don’t be afraid to Killmonger your own Infinaut. In fact it can be very helpful for a turn 3 surprise (if they have Thanos, hit them on turn 3 because Leach).

Ideal turn 5&6 is standard She Hulk stuff. Wave only 5, She Hulk plus Doom/ Aero depending.

It’s also great for clawing 8 cubes from Thanos players. They aren’t expecting the big drop turn 6.

If not Thanos then Cosmo turn 3 to set up Destroyer is good.

They announced a new roadmap, but for some reason it’s only published on Discord and in the News tab in the game. Here’s a Reddit copy:

The timing seems to be:

  • Changes to the economy to fuck players up the ass in April
  • Matchmaking and ranked mode changes at some time they’re not ready to talk about yet, so presumably May at the earliest
  • A new game mode in June

I don’t understand the conquest mode at all. Are the tickets are single use? I.e. winning 3 battle mode matches in a row at the base level gets you one shot at winning 3-in-a-row in Bronze, and any time you fail you get bumped all the way to the start. If that’s the case, this is way too tedious even for me (getting to Infinite basically requires winning 18 battle mode matches in a row!)

The changes to Infinite rank sound good to me. A visible MMR is exactly what I want to see.

The economy changes just make me feel bad about playing. On an intellectual level, I know that them giving free stuff to people behind me in progression isn’t taking anything away from me. But given the last time they d I missed out on the thousands of free tokens they gave for people past CL 1000 / 3000 during the token shop launch due to starting to play just a little too late. And now, just as I’m about to be series 3 complete, they’ll give thousands of free tokens to others but not to me since I started just a little too early.

(On the other hand, they’re also removing series 3 cards completely from the shop, so, ummm… that’s really going to suck for anyone early in the progression.)

A few points of correction.

One, they aren’t removing series 3 cards from the shop. They are, instead, adding separate shop categories for Series 3, Series 4&5, and Ultimate variants. So at any given time you have a choice of 3 different cards.

Two, they are giving a path to once a month picks series 3 card. This still benefits you and me @jsnell ! You know why? Because new cards come to series 3 each month. The 3-4 cards that have series drop per month would still mean we always have a series 3 card to unlock. So when Attuma, Orka, and M’baku come to series 3, we can just get one. Sure it isnt someone at CL 600 saying ‘give me Aero’, but since we have most cards that’s to be expected.

The token increase has no tangible benefit for us, yes. It brings early Series 3 in line with complete, except not quite. Nothing will change for me, but I’ll still get more tokens than someone not complete because those caches that would have unlocked cards would have tokens instead. So this does further speed the progress to series 3 complete. And as the game goes on, and there is 4 new cards each month, that also means that the time to complete the collection for F2P players increases by about 2.5 weeks each month. So it really does matter from that end, as the size of collection growth increases close to the same rate a player progresses. At some point in about a year, it would take a full year to get Series 3 complete. So from a future perspective it wasn’t a problem, yet, it absolutely would be at some point.

Interested in that challenge mode. It may be good or bad, but alternate play modes is interesting. If anything it may be a good break from whatever the current meta is.

I dunno, I think the changes seem pretty good in general.

According to the announcement the three sections in the token shop will be “featured series 5”, “series 4/5”, “ultimate variant”. There’s no section for series 3. This interpretation has been confirmed by the devs on the Discord. The reasoning was to “give everybody access to to the new cards without making the s3 journey trivial”.

The free choice of a S3 card once per month could be quite nice for people who are halfway through it, and are really looking for just that one key card. The people really early on are going to have much slower progression; previously they’d get their freebie tokens at CL 1000 and use them for three good S3 cards right away, and then be able to buy a 1-2 more each month. Now they won’t get that initial boost, and have to spend their tokens on the much more limited card selection that’s unlikely to contain the key enablers for all that many archetypes.

The freebie doesn’t really make a difference in the series 3 complete progression. You’ll want to open 4 cards worth of caches with stashed credits right at season start anyway to get all the demoted cards immediately. The difference between getting the card as a freebie vs. getting it from a reserve is going to be just 100 tokens after these changes.

It shouldn’t be quite that much (the f2p progression has been about 3 cards per week). I agree that it’s going to be a problem; but the devs seem to think it is a feature and are actively making it worse with the removal of S3 cards from the shop!

Kinda feel like I’m flailing this season, and I’m only one card short of series 3 complete.

Even with the additional rank up boosts I’ve only gotten as high as 57 and dropped back down around 54 and stayed there. Nothing I’ve used in the past works, nothing new works. I can’t reliably beat a Shuri deck with anything, I can only beat a Thanos deck with ideal draws, and the rest just feels like chaos that I can’t really handle without building a more general purpose deck that has no chance against a Shuri or Thanos. It’s lose-lose, the best I can do is “smartly” retreat for one cube losses over and over and then maybe take someone for four cubes in a best case scenario every ten games or so.

Obviously this is at least somewhat a “me” problem, you can find plenty of YouTube tutorials on non-Thanos/Shuri builds that allegedly got people to infinite. But I don’t know what else to do.

Maximus acquired, Series 3 complete at CL 3,358.

Who should I chase down from Series 4/5?

Missing from 4: Bast, M’Baku, Sentry, Shuri, Super Skrull.

Missing from 5: Dazzler, Galactus, Ghost, Kang, Kitty Pryde, Master Mold, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Sauron, Shadow King, Shanna, Stature, Thanos.

I can’t remember who’s dropping down to a lower series next, but I don’t really want Shuri, Galactus, or Thanos. Bast seems maybe the most versatile, but if he’s about to be S3 I’ll hold off on token-shopping for him.

I’m at 3284 and I still have these left:

This is the current missing Series 4 and 5 for me:

I have about 4700 tokens saved up with Thanos pinned.

Patch is live.
Overall, 😕
Nerfing Aero, ☹️

Well it doesn’t seem like the shop changes are live yet on iOS, not sure if that will need an app update that hasn’t hit yet or if it just hasn’t fully rolled out server-side yet.

Also I don’t think the steampunk variant rush has started yet per Reddit reactions, so don’t go tearing through your caches yet if you’re waiting for that.

I don’t really know how to fix Shuri by changing only Shuri, but I’m disappointed that Second Dinner couldn’t find a way either. Thanos was as we assumed—a nerf to Quinjet instead. I generally get their justification, anything that can reduce multiple cards to zero cost is pretty powerful, but I still liked the idea of including the stones in the deck despite Andy’s protests. 😄

Cost reduction is powerful, and Quinjet was one of very few cards capable of reducing multiple cards’ Energy cost to 0. While we’ve enjoyed this interaction in some cases, such as The Hood’s Demon, ultimately it creates both an ongoing risk for future design space as well as fueling the dominant Thanos decks of today. This change should be a meaningful net reduction in strength to Thanos decks across the board.

Actually emotionally devastated by the Quinjet nerf. Almost all the decks I created myself have Quinjet, and I don’t have Thanos. Just Hood and Maria Hill and so on, cards they explicitly call out as interactions they WANT with Quinjet. Good month to take a break from the game!

Thanos really does ruin everything!

I agree with some changes but disagree with others.

Quinjet? Dislike. It’s fine to discount Maria Hill created cards to 0, not the stones. This has the same effect but I would have preferred them explicitly excluding the stones and leaving Quinjet alone.

Space Stone? Yes. Hard yes. Fuck that 9x Lockjaw bullshit. Moving one card to a location rather than out of it? Good.

The Red Skull change? Eh, not sure that’s quite enough. But that combined with Taskmaster update? That will help. That said the nerf to Aero may mitigate this a lot. One of the best ways (if sometimes unreliable) to beat Shuri decks was hold Aero for turn 6. Because they would play the Shuri boosted Red Skull under Armor or Cosmo most times. Cosmo nothing to do, but Armor you could turn 6 Aero to pull the Taskmaster into the same lane as Red Skull. That way you give up that lane big time, but have a chance at the other two. This change completely nerfs that, as they play Taskmaster first and a 1 cost second then you’re done. I think overall the Shuri Red Skull deck comes out stronger.

iOS app update available for me now.

And now I’m series 3 complete again. 🙄

(I don’t know why I’m using so many emoji today)

Haha, my ‘offer’ was Orka. Which also was my only missing Series 3 after the drop today. Yours is at least a card that can be good in some decks! Put him in Lockjaw!

Still thats ~400 collectors tokens in a cache instead of him, so that’s a win.

I will say that post patch, I definitely don’t think Shuri-Skull lost any steam. Haven’t faced any Thanos since updating, but limited data set. Doom-Wave seems good though, and Aero still has utility. But is better on turn 5. Just beat a Shuri list by Aero Red Skull and then dropping Cosmo into the Taskmaster lane since I had priority. Except they played Kang, I guess to see if I had Shang Chi? In any case Get Wrecked.

Can you tell I hate facing the same boring decks constantly? Can we go back to the week 1 of Modok season when the Quantum Tunnel was the hot location? That was fun!