Marvel Snap: Marvel's digital CCG

I just installed this and nothing in the last 20-ish posts makes sense, which must be because all those characters are for high-level players. I’m not gonna go through all 500 posts, so I’ll just ask…are there things I should know as a newbie about how to get cards, most efficient way to play, tricks and tips? Without spending large amounts of money, obviously.

Don’t Fast Upgrade cards unless you’re at the credit max (think it’s 5000). If you only play to do your daily missions, you’ll have more Credits than what you can use, at least for a good while.

Getting cards is just playing and upgrading cards. You’ll end up upgrading all the cards, the very first upgrade is the best value, after that, they’re all equivalent.

Don’t be afraid to retreat if you think you’re gonna lose.

For the most part you’ll be playing against people who have a similar card pool to you. Or bots.

Game has well defined points where the meta changes dramatically, for example a popular starting deck is a bunch of 1 cost cards, Kazar and Blue Marvel, that works really well until you reach a point where people unlock Killmonger, that kills all 1 cost cards.

Have fun, game is as much about playing the locations as it is playing your deck.


So there are. a few different progressions. One, and the main one, is your collection level. This is the cards you have unlocked. Everyone gets a few of the same basic cards to start. This progresses when you upgrade cards using the credits and boosters. Upgrading cards gives you between 1-8 collection levels, depending on the upgrade rank. Moving up CL will give regular rewards of boosters, credits, gold, and most importantly new cards. Outside the collector token shop (which is irrelevant for you until you u hit 500 CL) this is the only way to get new cards

Boosters and credits are your upgrade card currencies. Boosters are specific to a card, credits are general. You get boosters from each match, win or lose. Credits are mostly unlocked through missions.

Ok the other advancement is the ‘seasons. We are at the very end of the Wakanda season featuring Black Panther. Each day you get 3 sets of 2 missions, and you can have 6 at a time (so think of them as ‘dailies’). These help advance the season. There are also season missions which work the same way but don’t give credits directly. Season advancement is used for variants, boosters, and gold. Now you can buy season passes for $10, but its not required. There are some specific cards that are locked to the season for a period of time, and seasons last a month. The season card (Black Panther this month, Miles Morales last month) does go into the card unlock pool at season end though, so don’t worry if you didn’t buy. Its not gone for good.

As for cards, there are 3 pools. You start in pool 1, which is simpler cards. in the 225 range you move into pool 2, and start unlocking more advanced cards. At like 486 you go to pool 3.

You will unlock all cards off a given pool before you go to the next, though order is random. So don’t worry if you haven’t gotten Spectrum or Nova yet, you will in good time. And its not like pool 1&2 cards are bad. My current deck which is fairly successful even against high level players with full pool 3 decks, is almost entirely pool 1&2 cards, with really just 2 pool 3 cards. Its just pool 3 cards have a lot more advanced strategies and synergies.

TLDR: Complete dailies, upgrade cards, don’t worry about spend. Use gold to unlock more missions early. If you buy anything the starter pack for $3 is good value, and well worth it as a ‘purchase’. Its the only money I spent, less for needing it (its a variant of a pool 1 card anyhow, not something you won’t unlock early) and more because the devs deserved the money.

One other thing, there are these ridiculous mega packs for 7500 gold. The amount of reward for gold (namely meaning credits for upgrading cards versus gold) seems good, but are ridiculous cost for real money purchase. However if you save gold for a while you can earn them through gameplay. So if you want bang for buck, saving all your gold for one of these mega packs, and not using gold to refresh missions can be worth it. The downside is using gold to refresh extra missions is a great way to speed up progression in the early game by getting you more credits to upgrade cards. Because credits are the bottleneck, not boosters.

Thanks, guys. When I get that pop-up after a game saying “you can upgrade Ant-man!” or whoever, is there any reason not to do it? I’ve just been saying yes every time thus far.

Eventually you won’t have the credits to go around. Really there is no reason to upgrade one card over another. They are functionally interchangeable, I just tend to upgrade cards I use.

I will say that always do the level 1 upgrade. It is the most efficient, credit wise. 25 credits for 1 level, as opposed to 100 for 2 CL. Personally once I do the level 1 upgrade for all cards I try to focus all the rest on maxing a single card. Not always possible but there you go. There is a mechanism when the card gets to rank 10 (infinite, last upgrade) you can do an infinite split and start a new copy of the card at level 1, but it has a holographic background. This is a good way to keep using boosters for cards once you max it, as well as a nice reward. You won’t get there for a while though (usually just before getting to pool 3).

But where you are, just always upgrade everything is the right call.

Early on, just do normal upgrades rather than fast upgrades. You’ll climb collection level and unlock more cards to build your deck with. As noted, the fast credit upgrade is tempting, but the money always works better to do a normal upgrade (250 credits to gain four collection via fast upgrade vs 200 credits to gain those same four collection levels normally). It’s tempting to do the fast level to get more collection, but just do missions to get credits and upgrade the normal way as a better longterm play.

In a reversal, I’m typing this post on a laptop rather than on mobile, so that means I don’t have access to my phone’s screenshot gallery. But dropping a note of thanks for this tweak.

I’ve been trying the Nightcrawler->Blue Marvel->Onslaught play like a lot of others, but this deck allows for more flexibility/unpredictability. Also, it’s been kinda hilarious to mess with people via Hobgoblin (though I learned the hard way that using him on Bar Sinister means leaving one copy on your side still).

The Bar Sinister Zoo is a nicely timed break from my Midnight Sons Discard, though I still run into players who are surprised when my Bar Sinister Dracula juggles Apocalypse four times.

Finally completed my Series 3 collection at level 3120. I haven’t seen anything in the token shop yet that really calls to me. Thinking about She Hulk for a slightly different way to build Death, but I haven’t seen her pop up yet.

Well I just unlocked Hell Cow through normal unlock, and Hela came up to buy so I did. Maybe now I can go back and try a pool 3 discard deck. the only card missing that seems good would be Dracula, but I won’t worry about that. Since I’m 80 anyhow, and won’t have time for 90, now may be a good time to experiment with that (or, really, probably in a day when the season turns over).

Yeah, this is what I’ve been running lately before @jsnell’s Bar Sinister Zoo.

I got Dracula, Hela, Ghost Rider and Hellcow as normal unlocks. Lockjaw was a wacky way to drum up chaos. I didn’t want to go super screenshot heavy, but Lady Sif->Ghost Rider->Infinaut has grabbed a lane and then Dracula takes on a juggled Apocalypse.

My discard deck of mostly pool 2 cards + Dracula seemed to get worse when I unlocked and added Hela. I’ve seen a lot of advocacy for Lockjaw to really amp up the discard churn, and maybe that’s the magic I’m missing, or maybe I just don’t really know how to play discard decks.

I’m still learning how Hela works, and just realized I posted an old screencap before I got Hela. She hasn’t been clutch for me – more of a dalliance. Dracula has still been my heavy lately.

I would say that you can always do it later. There’s no reason to upgrade just because the game says you can. Just be careful with spending your credits, in case maybe there’s a specific card you want to upgrade.

If you want to make Hela work, you need to build the deck on the heavy side, to limit the chances of discarding her. That, or have several of those play one card get one card back, same idea.

I expect Green Goblin would work better, I just don’t have it yet.

After struggling lately this deck got me to 60. Might make a run for 70 tomorrow

The dream is sunspot on board. she hulk on left in your deck. Moon girl on 4. Magic on 5. No cards on 6, sunspot gains 5. Double she hulks and infinity on 7


Oh man, was sitting pretty at 83 the other night and yesterday just had a run of rotten luck. Just could not draw what I needed, and Cosmo was everywhere (my current most hated card). Fell all the way to 76.

Well with the reset today I wanted to be at 80 before, so I needed to push to get back. Fortunately I did have a good run this morning and was able to.

Now I just need to sit and not play until the rank refresh, because I have 4 cubes to spare. Would suck to end at 79!

When a discard deck comes together, it can be a beautiful thing. Kamar Taj helped too