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For those who like to optimize progression, you probably want to hold off on upgrading cards for the rest of the month.

Dropping cards from series 5 → 4 and 4 → 3 is planned for around January 31st, and you’d rather get the rewards after that then before. Otherwise you can e.g. end up wasting the pity timer on a S4 card that gets demoted to S3 days later.

The credits you’re getting for dailies / weeklies before that should take you roughly to the 5k credit cap, so now’s the right time to start saving. Note that you can’t pre-buy CL, and just delay opening the caches. The rewards are set when you gain the CL, not when you open the box.

I don’t get the Tokens turn this into something I need to spend money on angle. 3000 tokens aren’t going to change much, you’ll be able to play some, let’s be real, better non optimized versions of decks. Non optimized because the proper optimized versions probably use Pool 4 and 5 cards.

I think their F2P system is pretty great for now, because I don’t see much point for regular players to spend money, if competitive tourneys with cool rewards come my opinion might change, but for now, for regular players, I don’t see the point, ladder? Ladder rewards playing a bunch, having a consistent deck that can surprise people and knowing how to snap, and all of that you can achieve without spending money, your deck might be a bit worse than it would otherwise be, but if it’s consistent and can surprise people, it’s enough.

Where their system sucks is for content creators trying to show off the newest cards, and to get people excited for the newest cards. Shanna is in the game now? That’s cool, what percentage of players have her? And how many months until that improves?

One benefit of hitting Infinite early is lots of time to screw around with cards and decks I don’t play much. So I have been trying to make Lockjaw work. And Mister Negative. And Kingpin.

Negative I just goose egged. Out of a dozen games I played him once. Only one time I drew him by turn 4 on a useful board (I.e. the only other time I drew early was Worldship)

Kingpin? Never was able to fire his ability. Maybe revisit when I get Magneto. But turn 6 too precious to play Polaris.

Lockjaw I tried a bunch of types. Had moderate success with a discard type, but was so inconsistent, and half the time I would win without seeing him. I think it can work, but it just wasn’t working well enough to be a staple.

But this? This I kinda like.

Yes Captain Marvel and Vision in one list. But it’s kinda useful. Sometimes pulling Vision with Wasp and moving him off next turn is very useful. And playing Jubilee onto Lockjaw is choice. Especially if you draw her again next turn.

I’ve played a lot of Lockjaw, it’s more consistent than one might think.

A couple variations that have worked for me that you might want to try out:

  • Okoye is really nice as both a cheap Lockjaw trigger or as a “nothing else to play on turn 2” card. It’s kind of a crap card in normal decks since it’ll apply to four cards you draw, two of which you might play. But with Lockjaw you’ll draw the whole deck, and the cards in the deck are more likely to end up on the board than the cards in your hand.
  • Thor is nice for adding a second, more useful, zero into the deck. And once you have Thor, might as well have Jane Foster too. It’s a really nice Lockjaw pull, since it both clears out the junk from the deck and gives you a new Lockjaw play.

I hadn’t thought of Captain Marvel, but it seems like a good solution to the Lockjaw lane ending up too heavy. Will need to give that a shot. (That’s a nice variant!)

Just hit rank 60, the highest I’ve ever gotten, beating last season’s rank 50, also the highest I’d gotten at that point.

Excited to have a crappy new pixel variant to show for it!

I got a 1602 Cloak Variant from hitting 60. Since then, I hover in the 60-65 range as I mess around with decks after buying the season pass and getting Sera from the token shop. Hitting 70 for 500 credits is nice, but otherwise, the climb to Infinite isn’t a big deal for me.

Which deck? Still struggling to get out of the 40s with Seracle surfer

Mostly with this Sera deck (not sure if it’s accurate to call it a control deck) at the start of my climb:

Copy code

(1) Nova

(2) Angela

(2) Armor

(2) Scarlet Witch

(2) Sentinel

(2) Mysterio

(2) Lizard

(3) Bishop

(3) Killmonger

(4) Shang-Chi

(4) Enchantress

(5) Sera


To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and paste it from the deck editing menu in Snap.

And then a lot of time with this Surfer/Leech/Leader deck:

Copy code

(2) Lizard

(3) Silver Surfer

(3) Rogue

(3) Wolfsbane

(3) Brood

(3) Captain America

(3) Killmonger

(3) Thor

(3) Polaris

(3) Sword Master

(5) Leech

(6) Leader


To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and paste it from the deck editing menu in Snap.

Both had some small tweaks along the way, Rogue is a recent addition to the Surfer deck for example, and I’d swap Maximus in for Sword Master if I had him.

Do you have Patriot, Zabu, Death, and Wave?

Those were my primary decks for climbing this season, Zabu in particular was really successful once I got Spidey.

I do, I just haven’t taken the time to learn a deck for them.

Here’s what I used

Season as desired, but the secret sauce is being able to Moon Girl turn 4 for double Spidey turn 5. That’s almost always a guaranteed win. But lots of other disruption options available. And don’t be afraid to nuke your own Zabu turn 5 with Enchantress to disable their big player.

But double Spidey turn 5 and double Shang Chi turn 6 is straight nasty. Darkhawk with Korg and Rockslide is another good contender.

Pretty standard Deathwave type deck. Kill 2 cards during game, hit Wave turn 5, then play Death and Leader turn 6. Or Death and Shang Chi. Or Killmonger. Your call.

If I had Maria Hill I’d add her too. But Coulson is grey here as the weakness is not wanting to play cards early so as not to depower Dino. White Queen is hand size neutral and reveals opponent endgame, Agents are great for boosting power. Play cards in 2 lanes, then Dino on empty lane then Zola Dino turn 6, or Taskmaster instead.

But Zola is always the best option, juking Shang Chi or Enchantress is critical. Or Aero if you don’t need to win a second lane.

Kazar is the backup plan for Patriot. But ideal is Patriot and Mystique, then Blue Marvel/ Onslaught/ Ultron as board stare dictates. Playing Patriot-Mystique turn 6 is devastating if played right.

The Gambit Gatling Gun is insane when it procs.

God, what a bullshit weekend of this. Been playing @CraigM ’s Zabu Mk1 deck and just getting trash hands…not playing any card til round 4, not getting Zabu for a dozen games, getting late beats by f’ing Leader or some other bad beat play by my opponent. Oh, and my favorite having multiple lanes be unplayable for various reasons or even better unplayable to me but perfect for my opponents deck. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

Anyway, didn’t someone mention waiting to upgrade cards til the end of the month? Is that still a thing cuz I’ve got over 5000 now and haven’t upgraded in a week.

Yeah, it’s the drop coming (or at least planned for) Jan 31.

I still see people occasionally referring to a 5000 credit limit, but I’m over 5k now and the game isn’t complaining, so I guess it must have been patched out at some point. No real reason to do upgrades for the next couple of days until the drop.

Apparently they raised it to 10k in the last patch.

Yeah, you get one Series 4 cards within 40 box openings (so you can be lucky and get two back to back, or unlucky and open like 80 between two), so might as well make sure your Series 4 card is still Series 4. I’d be annoyed if I opened a box now to get She-Hulk who is about to be Series 3 and instead wait to get Shuri or someone else instead.

I got Titania, Maria Hill and Galactus so far, so I feel like another Series 4 is coming soon, so I’m holding until the drop.

They also changed it so caches are not rolled when you unlock them, but when you open. So in theory there is no disadvantage to upgrading cards but just not opening the crates. Which was also changed at the same time.

As for series 4 I got M’baku, Agent Coulson, and Attuma. Coulson has been great in my Devil Dino deck.

They’ve reaffirmed the patch for tomorrow:

Who is the person on the right supposed to be, Jubilee?