Marvel Snap: Marvel's digital CCG

I think its random variant for a card you have. At least I assume so since everything else is

I had a rough streak of losses trying out my discard deck today, but then I ended a win (with a Snap) with a final turn play of Gambit on an empty Bar Sinister, destroying four of the opponent’s cards, “discarding” the only card I had in my hand each time—Apocalypse. Who I didn’t need to actually play, because he got Dracula’d into one lane, while all those discards threw a nice +10 onto my Morpheus in the other lane, further padding my lead there.

Feels good when it all comes together like that!

Token shop FAQ, I knew most but not all of this:

My current decks that I’m messing around with. Solid results from Sorcerers Supreme and my Midnight Sons Discard, and funny results from my Lockjaw/Jubilee RNGesus deck. Trying to learn Mr Negative and dabbling with a couple decks for him.

Aww man, they retreated as soon as I snapped.

Funny mirror match, Weirdworld came up and both of us were apparently running Death Carnage decks. I started with Death in my hand, then drew theirs. Was about to play only carnage on turn 4, which would let me play She Hulk and Demon turn 5, and double Death on turn 6

Now don’t get me wrong, retreat was absolutely the right call for them. But they had no way of knowing just how screwed they would be (the only problem would be they could draw my Shang Chi)

How is She Hulk working for you?

Not my card! It was in my opponents deck and I drew it with Weirdworld.

She-Hulk allowed me to play 30 power on turn six today. Wave on 5, sh, aero and death on 6

Prior to the right lane being flooded, it was Olympia, which meant I drew two cards, which meant this deck usually won’t work because it’s built to leave me with Drac on the board and nothing but the Infinaut in my hand at the end of the game for Drac to discard. So it wasn’t looking great for my original plan, but then I correctly read their play: Left lane Wong on turn 4, so a beefy Black Panther on turn 5, and their last move is to Zola the big Black Panther to both other lanes.

I was very lucky I had an Armor in my hand to drop her on turn 6, prevent Zola from triggering, and win with relatively weak mid and right lanes.

I was wrong. Had a good run this evening doing my missions and got to 77 and decided to go for it.

Well turns out getting to 80 was aa lot easier than 70 (even if every opponent has the Infinite rank Black Panther season deck back)

I also made it to 80 today. I think 90 would be doable but just won’t have the time for it before the season ends.

This is what I was running from 72 to 80:

So that dirty zoo deck where you try to play card-count based boosts during rounds 2-5 and then plop down six 1 costs on round 6 for a surprise win, but with the flex picks optimized for the Bar Sinister event.

It works nicely since the deck cares so little about rounds 1-3; you can wait until you know the locations before needing to commit. If the Bar doesn’t come up, pivoting to the normal play is no problem.

The ideal endgame is 4x Vision on round 5, followed by 4x Blue Marvel and Squirrel Girl on round 6. That’s so much flexibility and cross-board power that it doesn’t really matter what you did in the initial rounds as long as it didn’t fill the board.

I put the Hobgoblin in to fill the same role as Vision, to get more consistent draws, but it is a lot harder to use. You really need priority on round 5 to reveal Hobgoblin before the opponent reveals in the Bar and fills it up, and the deck is set up to not have priority in the endgame.

grats to you guys, definitely jealous. hit 60 for the first time and now don’t have the time to get much higher. 2 seasons in a row I REALLY wanted that 100 card back.

Any downside to swapping Green Goblin in for Hobgoblin? Makes it more likely to spring on an opponent I’d think.

Can confirm, Hobgoblin is an annoying prick

Got my first win because of Super Skrull. Copied his Cosmo and knew he was running a spectrum/ongoing deck so wouldn’t get that final push. Then had the benefit of copying his iron man as well for the power win.

I just installed this and nothing in the last 20-ish posts makes sense, which must be because all those characters are for high-level players. I’m not gonna go through all 500 posts, so I’ll just ask…are there things I should know as a newbie about how to get cards, most efficient way to play, tricks and tips? Without spending large amounts of money, obviously.

Don’t Fast Upgrade cards unless you’re at the credit max (think it’s 5000). If you only play to do your daily missions, you’ll have more Credits than what you can use, at least for a good while.

Getting cards is just playing and upgrading cards. You’ll end up upgrading all the cards, the very first upgrade is the best value, after that, they’re all equivalent.

Don’t be afraid to retreat if you think you’re gonna lose.

For the most part you’ll be playing against people who have a similar card pool to you. Or bots.

Game has well defined points where the meta changes dramatically, for example a popular starting deck is a bunch of 1 cost cards, Kazar and Blue Marvel, that works really well until you reach a point where people unlock Killmonger, that kills all 1 cost cards.

Have fun, game is as much about playing the locations as it is playing your deck.


So there are. a few different progressions. One, and the main one, is your collection level. This is the cards you have unlocked. Everyone gets a few of the same basic cards to start. This progresses when you upgrade cards using the credits and boosters. Upgrading cards gives you between 1-8 collection levels, depending on the upgrade rank. Moving up CL will give regular rewards of boosters, credits, gold, and most importantly new cards. Outside the collector token shop (which is irrelevant for you until you u hit 500 CL) this is the only way to get new cards

Boosters and credits are your upgrade card currencies. Boosters are specific to a card, credits are general. You get boosters from each match, win or lose. Credits are mostly unlocked through missions.

Ok the other advancement is the ‘seasons. We are at the very end of the Wakanda season featuring Black Panther. Each day you get 3 sets of 2 missions, and you can have 6 at a time (so think of them as ‘dailies’). These help advance the season. There are also season missions which work the same way but don’t give credits directly. Season advancement is used for variants, boosters, and gold. Now you can buy season passes for $10, but its not required. There are some specific cards that are locked to the season for a period of time, and seasons last a month. The season card (Black Panther this month, Miles Morales last month) does go into the card unlock pool at season end though, so don’t worry if you didn’t buy. Its not gone for good.

As for cards, there are 3 pools. You start in pool 1, which is simpler cards. in the 225 range you move into pool 2, and start unlocking more advanced cards. At like 486 you go to pool 3.

You will unlock all cards off a given pool before you go to the next, though order is random. So don’t worry if you haven’t gotten Spectrum or Nova yet, you will in good time. And its not like pool 1&2 cards are bad. My current deck which is fairly successful even against high level players with full pool 3 decks, is almost entirely pool 1&2 cards, with really just 2 pool 3 cards. Its just pool 3 cards have a lot more advanced strategies and synergies.

TLDR: Complete dailies, upgrade cards, don’t worry about spend. Use gold to unlock more missions early. If you buy anything the starter pack for $3 is good value, and well worth it as a ‘purchase’. Its the only money I spent, less for needing it (its a variant of a pool 1 card anyhow, not something you won’t unlock early) and more because the devs deserved the money.

One other thing, there are these ridiculous mega packs for 7500 gold. The amount of reward for gold (namely meaning credits for upgrading cards versus gold) seems good, but are ridiculous cost for real money purchase. However if you save gold for a while you can earn them through gameplay. So if you want bang for buck, saving all your gold for one of these mega packs, and not using gold to refresh missions can be worth it. The downside is using gold to refresh extra missions is a great way to speed up progression in the early game by getting you more credits to upgrade cards. Because credits are the bottleneck, not boosters.

Thanks, guys. When I get that pop-up after a game saying “you can upgrade Ant-man!” or whoever, is there any reason not to do it? I’ve just been saying yes every time thus far.