Marvel Snap: Marvel's digital CCG

Squirrel Girl

Also @lostcawz ouch. Been there, sometimes you just get screwed by bad luck.

Speaking of Luck, I just unlocked Jane Foster, so am trying a negative Jane deck. First time I pulled off a Negative deck combo, and didn’t even hit with Jane! But negative Iron Man into Mystique is potent stuff. Especially when you hit it with a 0 cost 6 power Zola next turn.

This resolved itself after the main screens cycled again, but just ran into some funny placeholder art or something.

Negative Jane is amazing when it all comes together but honestly it is kind of win more and less reliable than many other variants of Neg. Feels especially bad to reverse Jane. Drawing 3-4 cards on turn 5 to slap them all down for dozens of power on 6 is nuts though.

If I were the tin-foil hat type I’d swear matchmaking pits you against similar deck types, not just basing it on rank and CL.

And that would be such a terrible idea I know that can’t be true, but man, it sure feels like running a surfer deck and running into nothing but surfer decks gets tiring, so I switch to a Zabu deck and now that’s all I see—and often with the same supporting cards.

Again, I realize those are literally the two dominant types in the meta right now. It still feels like they’re messing with me sometimes though.

Battle mode is live!

Requires a code to be passed from game host to opponent. No apparent in app friend list or invite system. Is there anywhere where codes can be shared in RT among interested QT 3 forum dwellers ? Is there a QT3 discord?

I see the same thing and wonder if I’m just seeing a pattern that isn’t there or there is something to it. A couple of dozen games with a Surfer deck and Surfer based opponents then I switch to Patriot and suddenly it’s all Patriot opponents when I haven’t seen him since the last time I Patrioted my deck.

Oh, and Leader still sucks so hard it’s not even funny.

I think you see Surfer so often, because it’s the most OP and most common card in the game.

Leader hasn’t cost me a game in weeks. Maybe it’s because I’ve been running a lot of things that don’t care if you copy them. Oh no, you copied my Zola! Or Taskmaster! Ok I exaggerate, I do occasionally see him, but he is far from an ever present menace. Surfer and Galactus are far more problematic in my view.

Yeah as often as it works, I can just get draw screwed and draw things like Mystique and Iron Man in the opening hand.

But I’m not playing to rank up, I’m playing with a bunch of deck archetypes to simply futz around with things. Some, like Lockjaw, may feature next season. But I doubt I run a Negative deck much. My draw RNG is aggressively bad, so anything with tight timing or cadence just is not going to work for me.


Actually, I don’t see him often but when I do I’m almost always fubar. I mean, I’m using that Zabu deck you posted and seem to never get Moongirl early enough to get the double Spider-man an/or Shang-Chi. Then there is the issue of me kinda sucking, hehe.

Oh, so is the card series change complete so I can do some upgrading?

Yep! Just bought Shuri for 3k after having her pinned at 6k for a bit.

It really doesn’t. People have run experiments on this, by running multiple decks and recording what deck the opponent is running. Also, the devs have confirmed that the matchmaking service has no visibility into the decks.

The new Leader definitely sucks. I don’t see anyone running that trash, so you don’t need to worry about seeing it again.

Also, people complain that the matchmaking always throws up the counter to their deck, somehow, for some reason.

I’d say the issue is that there aren’t that many deck types that are seen as competitive, and (depending on CL / rank) everyone’s playing a small variation on them / counters to what’s popular.

Also Sera Surfer can counter literally everything, so it definitely helps pump that feeling.

‘Oh look, they Storm-Brood-Sera-Maximus-other-Surfered. Guess there’s no winning since they dropped 12 power in a locked lane on turn 6!’

I’ve been running a Negative Surfer deck as I’ve had more consistent results with that than with Negative Jane, but I’m trying a new Negative Jane deck and the cards literally played out pretty perfectly on its second outing (the first one I had to retreat):

New cards from today are Quinjet and Valkyrie; I guess the former in a Dino deck and the latter in a Cerebro3? has a schedule for the upcoming bundles:

The stuff that’s not purely cosmetic is:

Positively Charged :: Feb 7 - Feb 28. Price: 8000 gold. Gains: 3000 Collector’s Tokens, 6000 credits, 155 Mr. Negative boosters, Be My Valentine title, Mr. Negative avatar, and Mr. Negative variant.

Birthpool :: Feb 22 - Feb - Mar 3. Price: 3200 gold. Gains: 1500 Collector’s Tokens, 3200 credits, 291 Deadpool boosters, Merc with a Mouth title, Deadpool avatar, and Deadpool variant.

Zabu, sure, but Surfer has been broken AF for well over a month now.

The locations, including the “6-cost only” featured one, made this one a bit of a puzzle that Negative Sera Surfer plus my fresh new Absorbing Man (technically has Zabu too but didn’t get played here) was able to squeak by.

After a couple battle mode sessions with a co-worker, my quick thoughts are:

  • It’s a fun way to test a deck with a pal
  • I’m way too dependent on “one optimal play with some backups” type of decks, and should adopt a deck that is more flexible beyond “good luck if turns 4-6 don’t play out in this exact order.” Which is probably a thing I should have realized before, but this is my first real CCG and I’m hovering around rank 64
  • So it’s a stress free way to have a pal poke holes in a deck across multiple matches

I’d personally prefer a way to switch decks between rounds, but maybe that can come later.

I can beat that: