Marvel Snap: Marvel's digital CCG

Gold is used mostly for non advancement stuff, basically cosmetics. @Lantz i say save it. Every now and again they have gold bundles with a card variant of some type, some credits, and collectors tokens. Those are almost always the ‘best’ way to use gold, and run from like 3500-8000 gold. While collectors tokens are good, I never buy them with gold. And at your level I wouldn’t worry.

Max credits, upgrade cards, get new cards is what matters. There’s just a lot of archetypes that rely on a few distinct cards, so getting key cards to enable new play styles is best.

Awesome, that’s exactly what I needed to know

Okay, I’m back to ask beginner-ish questions. I’m into Series 3 now and it looks like I am reaching the point where I can start making decisions on what cards I unlock.

For instance I can select 1 series 3 card of my choice this season but I just see one at a time. How would I decide which one to claim? I also have “tokens” that I can buy cards I don’t have yet. There’s probably more of this.

I’m still mostly curious about opening up new play styles. Is there a good resource on what is a smart choice to pickup when I have the option or should I just wing it?

So… the collectors tokens I would generally save for series 4 & 5 cards. I would mostly use it to buy new cards you like.

As for the monthly ‘free’ series 3 card, it’s basically a boost to your normal unlocks. Pick any card you like.

Generally speaking picking high utility key win cards is the play. Picking an archetype you enjoy and getting key cards the suggestion. If you like destroy, getting Death, Knull, and Zola is the choice.

Sera and Silver Surfer are always good picks.

Darkhawk is an evergreen card


Basically the best card to use the monthly free pick is for a card that either unlocks a new archetype for you, such as Cerebro, Patriot, Hit Monkey, Hazmat, etc. and get that.

I suggest checking this to see the state of the meta and see what deck archetypes are out there, and which ones fit your collection.

Like if you get Silver Surfer soon then leaning all in on that with your unlocks is the smart move.

I’ve been rolling with a Sera Surfer deck that has absolutely been killing it for me. I like that type of tricky play, similar to bounce decks. Technical and not reliant on one big drop. Doing things like using Nocturne to wipe away my own Limbo play always catches people out, and has won me more than a few Conquest matches.

You will eventually get all series 3 cards in a random order (assuming you keep playing), but once/season you get an additional free series 3 card that you can pick from that rotating selection. I can’t remember if you have a new series 3 card offered once/day or with the 3x/day 8 hour refresh.

You’ll ideally want to pick one of the best bang for your buck series 3 cards to get it sooner rather than later, but determining which that is will depend a lot on what other cards you already have and what play styles appeal to you.

When I have longer, I might come back and give some very rough recommendations for good s3 cards to look out for.

The tokens are a way to unlock s4/s5 cards. Similar setup, the options available to you rotate, but there will always be cards available rotating through what you don’t have, as long as you’ve got tokens to spend on them (which won’t be often, collectors tokens are a rare resource). And similarly, you’ll want to come up with a wishlist of s4/s5 cards that appeal to you, save up and watch for them to come up in rotation.

I believe once you’re done with s3, you’ll also start getting spotlight keys in the collection track (maybe you get them already? Not sure, they weren’t around when I was still in s3). Those are the other main way to get s4/s5 cards, and they require a different kind of planning.