Marvel Studios' Black Widow - But I thought she was..?

Hey, that’s the woman from Midsommar!

David Hyde Pierce as Red Guardian! I’m in.

… blonde? Hey I thought so too!

I believe this takes place between Civil War and Infinity War - which makes sense, since BW would have been on the run after escaping the Raft.

I’m so ready for this. Marvel’s back!!

Did it go somewhere and I missed it?

Seriously. How can I miss Marvel if it won’t go away?

There’s been no Marvel movie this winter. I’m in withdrawal. All I get are grimdark DC comics reboots and more inept flailing from Star Wars.

Captain Russia! Hero of the glorious Supreme Soviets! Marvel’s back and movies are going to be fun again!

That’s quite a musical theme! Did they dig up some unused tracks from Jóhann Jóhannsson’s archives?

That’s not Niles, it’s Hopper.

Florence Pugh. She was great in Fighting With My Family.

Yah, David Harbour

Except BW was never sentenced to The Raft. She was too crafty to get caught and imprisoned at the end of Civil War. You are right that she would have been on the run though. She disappeared when the others were rounded up.

Are you sure? I thought at the end of the movie, they showed her in one of the cells when Cap breaks in to free them.

Edit: Just watched that scene - I was wrong. Would have sworn I saw her in one of the cells.

I’m curious why Thunderbolt Ross is talking to Widow if she is a fugitive. Maybe she hasn’t yet joined Cap’s secret Avengers?

Also! I’m predicting Steve Rogers will be in this movie in some small way, considering the two of them did this interview recently and he has his Infinity War beard.

Lol. Oh man. Yeah slightly different dude. Isn’t that actor’s name close?

Was that Ross? I thought it sounded like him, but he looked younger and blonder. If it’s him, I’m guessing long ago flashback, but I’m not sure it was him.

That’s definitely Ross.

Im very much looking forward to this. An OP Black Widow movie will be fun.

If you want some background source material try:

That’s easily the best Black Widow comic.