Marvel Studios' The Marvels - Marvelous!

“Last time I trusted someone I lost an eye…”

But was Carol’s superhero name for a very long time, when Mar-Vell was still around, so easy mistake for us old-timers to make…


Day 1! … on Disney+.

Kamala Khan is like Peter Parker, but even more earnest.

Fair point

I’ll take Editer’s excuse over my own forgetfulness!

Maybe the location swapping thing in the trailer is how they make Captain Marvel hold back for a while.

I’m increasingly hit and miss with Marvel stuff but this looks like a lot of fun. Honestly, fun is still the thing they do best, I wish they’d aim more projects that direction.

Finally saw the trailer for this. This looks like a hell of a lot of fun!

Yeah, this looks like a Ragnarok-level adventure with the action and humour combo. Totally in for this.

That looks so fun.

Yeah, that looks like a good time. I haven’t been excited for a new Marvel movie in a while, but this one I’m looking forward to.

Uh oh. Lots of chud YouTube channels are going to love this.

The SAG aftra strike ain’t helping out this movie one bit.

According to Disney’s own filing, this movie cost a little over $270 million to make. That’s going to be a tough box office.

Holy shit

That and Dial of Destiny costing 300 million to make.

A24 really wants to get into this business?

I had no idea people purchase movie tickets so far in advance and in numbers large enough that it’s actually predictive. Does this company actually show their work (IE: their predictions a month before release are highly correlated to opening weekend)?

I think it’s a fool’s errand to predict total box office tally from presales a month out. There’s obviously a ton of factors that could influence the final numbers like word-of-mouth or some weird groundswell of fan support. That said, with a projected box office goal of around $500-$600 million to really call this a success for Disney, not having excited Marvel fans lining up to see it does not bode well.

I would tend to agree, but they are comparing it to Ant-man’s pre-sales, and I think that is a fair comparison.

I mean, I’m excited to see it. Not ‘pre-buy’ tickets excited, but ‘go second weekend’ excited.