Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

This Switch exclusive follow-up to the long dormant franchise drops this Friday.

I’m nervous. I really loved the old games, but this is a different developer and a lot has changed.

Anyone else holding their breath and hoping for good reviews? Anyone brave enough to preorder?

(I just felt like starting a thread because too many Switch games get swallowed up in the general Switch thread.)

I had no idea it was a Switch exclusive. What a weird idea.

Will be on this with a few of my buddies, hoping for the best!

My kids and my coworkers are both looking forward to some multilayer brawling, so I’ll be grabbing this, barring terrible reviews.

It is weird. When I saw it as a Switch release, I assumed it was a port of an old game that was already out on other platforms.

I’ve never played any of the old ones (was never a comic book person), but I have been planning to use my Switch two-games-for-$100 voucher on it. I assume that the gameplay will be reasonably solid since the old games were well-received and isn’t it basically just an action-RPG Diablo clone? It seems hard to screw up that formula. Plus, I’ll be spending some time with my family soon and my sister really likes Marvel stuff, so I’ve been figuring this is a solid bet. The thing about new developers is concerning though.

Sacred 3 says hello.

Yeah, it was one of the better console action RPGs of that era. Seems like there’s no reason a competent developer couldn’t pick up that baton and manage something at least decent, but Team Ninja’s legacy is all over the place.

I’m also a little nervous about the Marvel license, possibly irrationally, but it seems like they’ve made some poor decisions about who they partner with over the years. Like remember when they had a perfectly great Marvel fighting game franchise with Capcom, and then they killed that off in the early 2000s to partner with EA in the awful Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects? Eventually we got good MvC games again, and hey, Spider-Man on the PlayStation 4 is an excellent game. So maybe I’ve got nothing to worry about.

Basically the Marvel license is no guarantee of a partnership with the right developer for the job, and Team Ninja is no guarantee of a good game, but they’ve both done great things before too so this is very much wait-and-see.

If the reviews are good, it’s getting one of my eShop vouchers too though.

This is out Friday, so I was expecting more reviews by now (haven’t seen any). This Kotaku preview is mostly positive, but grumbles about the camera angles and notes that playing with another human is better than with AI partners which could be read as a complaint about AI partner behavior. The latter is to be expected though. A full review is forthcoming, so I guess there’s a review embargo in place.

I hope this sucks and I don’t have to buy it!


Gonna be great and you’re going to play it all the time with QT3ers!

Reviews are out and are in the 70s percentage wise. I predict this will be Tom Chick’s GOTY.

Could be cool but reports of performance issues are a turn-off.

Ouch. That’s like a 6 on the 7 to 9 scale. Unless I hear otherwise from you jokers, I’m going to assume this is a bad game I don’t need to play.


As Shakespeare said, we mock what we are about to become.

This is definitely 2019’s Tom Chick’s Agents of Mayhem.

Anyone played it? I’m very tempted.

It sounds like jank city in handheld mode, which is my preferred mode for switching. Camera is supposed to be unreliable, and a great deal of slowdown. Too bad, as this kinda thing is normally my jam.

I’m more concerned about the character progression which sounds like you basically have to pick 4 mains to level up because all the content ramps up in levels and characters all level individually, too, so there’s no way to bounce around to sample different characters, or even a way to grind them up by replaying old content.

I was hoping this was based on the characters’ current level, not some overall progression. If that’s the case, that is pretty darn stupid.