Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Clever Thread Title

Most of the Internet seems to hating this game, but I think it looks pretty fun. If Injustice 2 taught me anything it’s that super heroes are pretty sweet in fighting games.

I’m a bit concerned that this game might wind up just a bit too fast and complex for a simpleton such as myself to learn, but I’m looking forward to having a go at it.

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite DLC is more like it.

BTW no console/PC crossplay on this title. One reason I’m passing. I don’t hate Capcom stuff, but I’ve never been a fan of Marvel and the leadup to this game has been terrible.

Yeah, public perception has been pretty rough on this one. I’ve thought it looked fun right from the get go though, so as it starts to shape up more and more to me if just looks better and better.

I agree on the lack of PC cross compatibility being a bummer. In SF5 that definitely seems to broaden to pool of available match ups. I’d say about half my matches in SF5 are PC players. Hopefully without it getting a game will still be realatively reliable.

The PC userbase for SF5 and Tekken is about 15%, but a bunch of console players filter out PC, because they blame it for one-sided lag. (the stronger machine will get more rollback in SF5)

Tekken 7 has a very viable playerbase with a userbase of around 3000-4000 currently on PC. The only folks suffering are the top top players , and they can smurf with alts to get matches. It might take more for Marvel because of their crappy matchmaking system.

I assumed that PC was a larger percentage. Maybe I just see a disproportionate number of PC players since I don’t filter it out. I have considered filtering PC since there seem to be a lot more smurf accounts in the PC population than console.

I’m not sure if connections/rollback are worse with PC, but maybe I’ll start to pay attention to that. The rollback really does kill a match though.

I enjoyed Injustice a lot more than I thought I would. There was just soooo much there to do as a bad fighting game player. They also did some cool stuff with super heroes.

I’ve played most of the MvC games, but I have reservations on this one. The roster feels a little bloated with recycle and Marvel brand pushing (i.e. a heavy lean on properties with recent or incoming TV / movie presence) rather than aiming towards what is fun or cool to fans. Plus, being Capcom, I really worry that there won’t be anything to do but get whooped by serious online fighting fans.

Still, I have really liked the properties in the past. The demo sort of got me interested, but felt a bit quick in the pacing (both in speed of play and in the shortness of matches). Maybe… DLC plans and content review will likely decide if I jump in. And Sentinel wouldn’t hurt either…

I like the roster. I got pretty sick of X-Men in the 90’s so I like seeing other stuff in the game. Plus I don’t really keep up with the movies and such so to me it feels fresh.

As for getting your ass kicked online a lot, yeah, that’s probably the way it will go for me since I’ve never played a MvC game. Still, I enjoy practicing stuff in training mode, it kinda scratches the same itch as practice laps in Gran Turismo.

They have said there will be a “beginner league” so maybe that will help.

My preorder is downloaded, looking forward to Tuesday! I watched a bit of the tutorial Sajam put up and it looks like I’m already in over my head. :)

Looks like heaps of fun though once you get it worked out a bit.

It’s harder to smurf on PC. PSN you just need a new account and that’s free and easy. Steam it takes a few more hoops. The smurfing is often done to try DLC characters.

BTW this game will have Denuvo unlike SF5 and won’t have crossplay. It will be dead on PC- my guess is DBFZ and maybe even the new Arcana Heart will do better. (the second one is a stretch, but that’s gonna be PC-only and it’s a good game)

I’m passing on the game because I’ve never liked the Marvel series, and this game just looks too damn ugly, plus the PC issues mentioned above. I also expect Denuvo issues due to Capcom’s poor quality control.