Marvel vs EA ... wtf?

EA’s team would be:

Lord British (lol copyright lol)
the Covenants (from Undying)
American McGee’s Alice (and/or the Mad Hatter)
007 (from Nightfire)
And this guy, from BF1942:

And yeah, Crave Entertainment was the publisher of Freedom Force, by Irrational. EA just handled distribution on that one. (Crave soon went out of business after FF.)

I picked up the PC version of Freedom Fighters last week for $24 CDN - I have to say I’m really impressed with it! It’s another solid, fun title from IO. I actually restarted the game a couple of times just because I find there’s another way to finish the level with more charisma.
I was also surprised at how well the AI for your team works - I’ve yet to see them do anything dumb, and the command interface actually works very well (something I was worried about)
A lot of the reviews criticized it for being too short, but I don’t see that.

Gunmetal- It’s like 8 hours long. That’s pretty short. Also, the missions seem like they are going to affect the state of your game, but they don’t. Like you’ll have to capture a weapons depo, but you won’t get any new guns, for example.

I hope Madden shoves a Turducken into his opponent as his finishing move.

So, back to Freedom Fighters for a minute. I didn’t play it but heard some good things. Worth getting it now? I imagine it’s cheap.

I played it and dug it heavily. Pretty straightforward game, but Io Interactive does a really good job making cool character models and environments that get you nice and immersed. It’s a short game, but super-fun.

Freedom Force is also a great game, and if you haven’t played it yet, you should be ashamed of yourself, and should probably have your gamer card revoked. Don’t even reply to this message. Go to the store and buy it. NOW!


American McGee’s Alice (and/or the Mad Hatter)

Actually Alice characters would be kinda cool in a fighting game… score one to J.theYellow for the thought … :)
(Are you referencing the “Yellow Dart” from StrongBad? nm if not)

Article at IGN also states that Marvel will have rights to publish comic books based on the new EA characters. Also, Hulk and Punisher aren’t included in the deal-- they are already licensed by other companies. Is this the first time we’ve heard of a Punisher game in the works?

THQ announced its Punisher game a while back. It looked a lot better than I thought it would.

EA owns the rights to Shodan, if I remember correctly. That would be an awesome fighter character,

Yeah, the special move could be taking over your opponents controller.

– Xaroc

Just imagine the taunts: “Look at you, hacker; a pathetic creature of meat and bone.”

I think her special move would have to be “create hordes of pathetic puppets of flesh and bone to do wetworks, because I’m a wanker computer program who can’t do it myself!”

Hypocrite bitch.

:wink: has their own dig at it as well…

Well that’s not entirely true - if you destroy the helipad in one level, the very nasty attack chopper that comes by in another level won’t show up… and you do seem to get weapon centers inside your base depending on what missions you’ve finished. I just got a cache of MP5s (I think that’s what they are) from finishing the latest level

I’ll have to see on the shortness issue - it feels like I’ve been playing for a while, but I’ve only done about 4-5 levels

I like how they ignored the “new” in “new EA characters.”