Marvel Zombies

Since I was about 8, I had a strange fascination with superheros and zombies and for the first time, they have come together. Marvel Zombies has only been out for two month (5 issues are expected in the mini) and most seem to be blown away how well and entertaining the concept is been handled. The story began back in the Ultimate Fantastic Four about a year ago. In an alternate universe, a single hero gets infected by an alien virus that turns them into a dawn of the dead type zombie. The infection runs through the heroes who in turn eat everyone else. This mini picks up with most of the “food” gone and the hero zombies need to figure out what to do next.

It’s only natural that Kirkman’s writing this. I think it’s very good – they’re playing with some of the conventions of the genre. My one criticism would be that a lot of the chracters speak/sound the same (but that’s a Kirkman thing too and can be seen in Marvel Team-Up as well.)

The scene between Giant man and Black Panther? Genius

That’s all well and good, but I want to see the period when the “food” is plentiful. Too bad it wasn’t in the DC universe, I’d get a kick out of Flash eating the whole population before the other heroes got a chance.


Great book. It caught some people by surprise. Many of the local shops didn’t order enough copies of the first issue.