Marvel's Avengers - Square Enix, Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montreal

I think I’m with @Brad_Grenz When I think of games I’ve dumped thousands of hours into (Monster Hunter, Destiny, DCUO, Division etc…) I was always creating my own personalized character. I would be attached to that character and that unique build and want to keep going.

I played a bunch of Black Widow in Avengers and while I had fun, I never really felt like it was MY character, more like I just borrowed her. I think that lack of personalization might have hurt the loot grind for me a bit.

I also think that while the combat is OK in Avengers a loot game really needs a masterful gameplay loop to work since you are repeating stuff over and over. Both Monster Hunter and Destiny have an amazing game feel. Avengers was ok, but it wasn’t engaging or “fun” enough to make me want to keep doing if over and over. I’m probably close to 7K hours of Monster Hunter played in my life (All the way back to the first PSP game) and I am still not sick of smacking a Rathalos with a Great Sword. About 50 hours into Avengers and I’d done enough flippy kicks.

First part of doing a GaaS is to make a game with a gameplay compelling enough to make people play it for 150 or 300 hours. The Avengers sure as hell did not have that.

This thread popped up and I just realized that your post was 19 days old but I’ll reply anyway. I think Warframe and Path of Exile are both examples of games that got GaaS right initially.

With Sony releasing more titles on PC and assigning a dev studio for PC titles, what are the chances we see Spiderman in Avengers on PC, given that the game is still around and getting updates in a year?

This just hit $14.99 on amazon, so I figured it was time to pull the trigger. Glad I’m not missing much by having XSX instead of PS5.

FWIW, I’m enjoying the game. Shitty weather here today, so I spent it plugging away at the campaign. I think I’m about halfway through, but haven’t stopped to take on individual hero mission threads. The story is well written and the VO work is great, especially Kamala and Banner. And it looks terrific.

I got the game for $16 on Steam and so far it’s been worth the money. The inventory system can both work and be silly: great for Stark since it matches the storyline as he seeks to upgrade his armor, but when it comes to a character like the Hulk, the upgraded ribcage, spine, etc., is an odd design.

Game looks fantastic too. I put it on Easy and just mash buttons against screens full of enemies.

Jane Foster is being released tomorrow.

I’ve spun back to this lately as well, and I’m enjoying it on the xBox. Still working through the Reassembled main campaign (maybe on step 17-20, or thereabouts).

Kamala has been really fun to play after watching Ms. Marvel lately too (only through 4 episodes thus far, so not done yet).

This is the thing that introduced me to Ms. Marvel and I feel honestly forever indebted to it for that. Shame I’m so bad at the actual gameplay.

This should work for @BrianRubin ;)

Yeah I should do that.

That s how I play the Spiderman games. I started on 1 level above normal but realized I want to feel like a Superhero in the game not on the controller. I swallowed my pride turned it to easy and have been pummeling the bad guys ever sense. I’m doing the same here and am a better Hero for it :)

I still play this every now and then, but making you play with three brain dead AI that don’t do objectives and having every mission have objectives gets old still. Game is quite fun with a group. I play on xbox and would be up for some sometime.

I really wanted to try the Red Room takeover missions, but my character power levels are still way too low as I go through the Reassembled Campaign mission chains.

The revival of this thread prompted me to reinstall (man, this game is huge). I think I’ll try to work thru some DLC over this heat wave weekend.

Just finished Ms Marvel on Disney + this week and the Reassembled campaign today.

Makes the game even better. If you liked Ms Marvel, this is well worth your time, especially if you have game pass

Started the Taking Aim campaign. Kate Bishop is fun to play!

Update, the next two campaigns are also fun (a future one with Hawkeye and War for Wakanda with Black Panther).

Where the game dies is outside of the campaigns, in the level/loot grinds. There’s too much same-y ness to it. The villain sectors with boss fights are a bit better, but they are also mostly bosses you’ve already fought, at least the ones I’ve tried, though I couldn’t beat the Cosmic Cube Boss fight, which was new.

However, the four campaigns are definitely worth the single player time now, if your want to try, and it’s on gamepass.