Marvel's Avengers - Square Enix, Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montreal

Enough about character likenesses. Let’s get to what really matters:

@Pyperkub, could you fix Dynamix -> Dynamics and Edios -> Eidos in the title?

(Unless it’s a joke or pun that I’m just not getting. Then never mind.)

I really want a new Sonic game with the likeness from the new movie coming out.

Weird, to me he’s Toby McGwire’s stunt double, if anyone’s.

Black Widow looks more like Maria Hill.

Good point. :)

Was just going to say that.

Sounded a little like her too.

They are going to support the game with cosmetics. If you want Cap to look better, just pay for the good skins!

Cap looks like they hired Kevin James to do the motion capture.

give me a copy/paste and I’ll update. Your order seems weird.

It wouldn’t be QT3 without mangled subject lines

“Marvel’s Avengers - Square Enix, Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montreal”


“All Good Avengers Go to Diablo 3.” There, you’re welcome.

I was having a nice day until you made me realize this thread could have been titled that but isn’t

That’s for the Ultimate Alliance 3 thread


No, Rene Russo.

Captain America looks like he had too many cheeseburgers.

He looks like he’s wearing kevlar hockey pads and… vambraces? Just terrible.

Widow reminds me of Ruffnut from How to Train Your Dragon with a wig from a Halloween store.

The problem is that they went with “MCU-ish”. They didn’t go full MCU, and they didn’t go comic-book. They went with the MCU’s non-union equivalents. It just results in the game looking like an unsettling, cheap knock-off of itself.

They honestly look like they were made in the character creator for WWE 2K16 or something.

They probably should have based the faces on the voice actors once they’d been cast.

The cartoons had decent soundalikes.