Marvel's Avengers - Square Enix, Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montreal

Yeah. The rumours that say this was such a huge flop that it’ll soon be free to play are also a big dissuading factor. I can definitely adopt a wait and see attitude here. Have enough backlog for awhile, even without that potential Persona 5 Royale purchase. Which I might also hold off on, because I’ll get the base version free if I ever manage to get a PS5, with the PS+ Collection pack. I just can’t spent any Black Friday money on games this year, I guess!

Some sentiment about the game’s latest story DLC.

In contrast, most of the reddit posts right now are people who are positive about the game and its future, based on the Kate Bishop content.

Is Kate Bishop the birth name of a hero?

Yes. She’s the new Hawkeye.

Picked the up on the holiday sale and I think it’s a pretty fun game! The story is very entertaining if you like MCU or comics. I haven’t gotten to the “endgame” stuff yet, but I’m well into the story and I think it’s worth the price of admission just for that.

The combat is pretty fun, especially once you get used to it and get more abilities/options unlocked. That bodes well for a endgame stuff at least.

I’m on a PS4 pro and I’d say it’s performance is fine, there is the occasional hiccup, but not too bad. I saw a lot of reviews saying it was really buggy, but that’s not been my experience at least. Maybe it’s been patched up since launch.

That was my thinking as well.

Nor mine and I played at launch. I haven’t really done any endgame stuff, and I think thats where the issues were, though.

I am glad you gave it a try. It seemed like it had a lot of things going on that would totally be in your wheelhouse.

Me three! And if MINE isn’t bugged, it probably isn’t. (If anyone’s wondering, I’ve gotten absolutely EVERY bug possible to have in AC Valhalla, and that is quite an impressive list. I’ve gotten a trophy for collecting them all. JK I haven’t, but I should.)

Picked this up on January sale and played it for a couple of hours (I’ve just recruited Iron Man).

Initial thoughts:

  • Why did the game want to throw me in multiplayer or DLC mode when first starting the game? I was really confused and almost gave up on it, until I realized that the campaign mode, including the tutorials, was hid in the back. Better now.
  • Is it just me, or are the battles (and especially the Abomination boss-battle) a little too hard on normal mode? I’m not used to being this reliant on perfect parries, dodging and basically being really mindful of what I’m doing in a battle. Even the HARM-room training missions were really tricky. This is also what makes me want to give up on the game early on.
  • Missions not saving mid-game SUCKS. Some of the missions are quite long, and if I quit the game during a mission (even after a part is “done” and you take an elevator to a new area), I have to restart all of it next time. WHY
  • Why can’t the stuff I pick up with one character be shared with my other heroes? This is ridiculous. Especially regarding artifacts (correct me if I’m wrong!).
  • The story is cute.

Originally my friends and I bought this to play together. We had so many issues with trying to play the 4 player modes that we were eventually discouraged and quit. We played for 20+ hours WANTING to like this game, but never managed to finish a single mission with four of us not getting disconnected, dropped, bugged out, etc. Bugs are one thing, but when they happen in every run, on every map, with every character… it’s frustrating.

The shining light for me though would be Kamalah. I loved her abilities in game, and her character…

Yeah, definitely in my wheelhouse both thematically and gameplay wise. I’m glad I waited a bit though, since it sounds like the game was kinda busted at launch, but I’m having a great experience.

Yeah, I bumped the campaign down to easy pretty quickly. I’ve gotten better at it and I have upped the difficulty again, but learning the dodge timing and combat took a bit. Plus I’ve found that until you have a lot of your skills unlocked you just don’t have all the tools to play on harder difficulties.

If I had a complaint about the game it’s that they take too long to fill in the skill tree, given how needed some of that stuff really is to play the game. I know you don’t want to overwhelm the player to quickly, but at some point they should have just started loading you up with skill points so you can have all your abilities.

I went to easy, yeah. Was gonna bump it back up cause I got tired of one shotting everyone, but then of course the boss fight with Monica Fettuccini came along.

At this point, I HATE the combat, but i love the story and the characters. Think I’ll stick to easy and just get it over with.

I eventually started to like to combat, but it took me a bit to warm up to it. some of the timing just feels weird for combos and blocking.

Just to got to this fight on xbox, holy shit, even on easy I’m having difficulty.

Some heroes are better than others. And some don’t start to feel good until you unlock an ability or two. Oddly, I found Hulk to be the weakest of the heroes. And once the story was done I tried out Kate Bishop and love her.

Enjoy the story. The end game is far too grindy. Hopefully they release more content before too long.

I got a good 12 hours out of the story, which is great for me. A 12 hour triple-A Avengers game with a great story, is a game well worth spending full money on for me. Its rare I complete games, but this one I did (The story, that is).

If you haven’t yet, do Kate Bishop’s story arc in the operation Taking Aim. It continues the story.

I did - loved it! And love Kate Bishop. Such an awesome character.

For me, in the demo /beta the main issue was that I didn’t feel like a super hero. Some of it seemed to be response, some a lack of heft, speed, etc.

Spider man and Batman were far better at this.

I may give it another shot if it comes to gamepass or sub $15.