Marvel's Avengers - Square Enix, Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montreal


Boy it looks like the PS5 transfer is a shitshow.

It’s not that bad. Just make sure the PS4 version is up to date. Launch that version, there’s a new save transfer tab. Use that then download and/or launch the PS5 version. Other than downloading the PS5 version took me maybe 5 minutes.

Yeah, then you have the game twice on your hard disk and it will constantly ask you if you want to download the PS4 version. As opposed to xbox smart delivery where it just fucking magically upgrades by itself.

And somehow since playing a few months ago it seems to have lost ALL my progress. It’s showing me at 0% of the campaign complete, despite winning the solo game. Ffffff.

You can do the PS4 upload before ever starting the PS5 download. And I believe they fixed the install prompt for PS4 versions of disc games which never impacted digital versions.

It was seamless for me. I already had the PS4 game installed. Launched it, tabbed over to save migration. initiated it. Closed the game and deleted it. Went to the PS Store and redeemed the PS5 upgrade. Once that downloaded I launched the game and it automatically found my profile and all my trophies started popping.

The real great thing about this version is the load times. They are incredibly fast now. It makes a huge difference playing the game.

My understanding is the XP changes don’t kick in till lvl 25, so you wouldn’t have experienced any change with Clint if you just got to 24.

I’m now almost 50, really not much change. I also got Kate from 30-49 yesterday before I posted.

That’s good to hear. I’m glad its not as bad as predicted. Maybe I’ll go back and level up some heroes. Liked the new content, but not sure I’m ready to go back and rerun missions to level everyone up.

I got excited because there was Wakanda stuff floating around social media last night about a new trailer… but it was for this game, not a movie.

I know some enjoy this game, so for anyone who missed out the trailer is also in the article.

Why isn’t this garbage game F2P yet?

Ah, a warm ray of sunlight, as always…

I’m going to bite.

If it’s F2P would it actually matter to you? Are you going to play it then? I mean the cost of the game is not the reason I am not playing this. Black Panther is the reason it kind of circled back into my sphere, and I assume those who are enjoying it will like the addition.

I’d play it for the Ms. Marvel campaign if it were F2P and ignore the multiplayer grind.

I’d play the campaign for $10.

Okay then. I guess that makes sense.

Genshin Impact is F2P and got me spending. Maybe they should think about it. LOTR also F2P’ed at some point. Maybe they are just milking everyone who would pay to get in before they F2P in a few more months.

I don’t think price is this game’s problem.

But you can do just that! Its a 12 hour campaign, which is really cool. And then there Are two other smaller story campaigns now, which are a few hours each. 16 hours of avengers story game, in a AAA game is pretty awesome!

$30 on Steam. Need to read the thread to see what to do :)