Marvel's Avengers - Square Enix, Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montreal

This is a good counter point.

Parker didn’t look too bad. Many of the villain costumes felt a little “video-gamey” to me, too shiny and armored, but Spidey himself had like 50 costumes pulling from the movies, the comics, and some originals.

One would imagine the Avengers game will also have lots of costumes, hopefully pulling from well known comic versions at least if the MCU is off limits. But the character designs we’ve seen so far are bad.

Tom Holland’s stunt double would like a word with you.

Don’t know what to tell you, I played the game myself and he looks a little weird at times in screenshots, but he was okay in the game itself. Not the best, but didn’t bug me. Doc Ock, Miles Morales, and a lot of the other characters actually looked awesome.

That’s actually the point I’m trying to make about this new game. After playing an hour I doubt anyone will care.

My concern is with the character design, not some kind of uncanny valley issue (which is what I thought you were referencing with Peter Parker).

Captain America looks like a tubby dude in a slightly patriotic bomb squad suit.

Maybe they’ll see what the internet is saying and change the model a bit.

I still don’t think it’ll matter but I definitely see it too. :D

Enough about character likenesses. Let’s get to what really matters:

@Pyperkub, could you fix Dynamix -> Dynamics and Edios -> Eidos in the title?

(Unless it’s a joke or pun that I’m just not getting. Then never mind.)

I really want a new Sonic game with the likeness from the new movie coming out.

Weird, to me he’s Toby McGwire’s stunt double, if anyone’s.

Black Widow looks more like Maria Hill.

Good point. :)

Was just going to say that.

Sounded a little like her too.

They are going to support the game with cosmetics. If you want Cap to look better, just pay for the good skins!

Cap looks like they hired Kevin James to do the motion capture.

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“Marvel’s Avengers - Square Enix, Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montreal”


“All Good Avengers Go to Diablo 3.” There, you’re welcome.

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