Marvel's Cloak and Dagger (Freeform, formerly ABC Family)


So apparently Marvel’s newest comic book series will not appear on ABC or Netflix but… Freeform, which is the re-branded name for the ABC Family channel.

— Alan


Freeform’s ratings have plunged since the re-branding, likely because Pretty Little Liars season 6 (which was their #1 show) lost a ton of viewers. Shadowhunters, their other big push, has had bad ratings as well, even for Freeform.

Edit: What the fuck is this outfit?


Never actually read anything with either character, but I’m afraid that the concept–good or bad–will die horribly as a tween property. Then again, I’m increasingly unable to handle the CW-ification of their comic properties (as good as they–Flash in particular–can be otherwise), so I’m pretty clearly not the target audience here ;)


Yeah, S.H.I.E.L.D. has fully disabused me of the notion that there’s any fundamental value in keeping up with the entire Marvel Empire. So I’m not going to watch a new show just because it’s part of that universe the way I would’ve a couple years ago. And with what little I know of the characters, and what I understand of the target audience, this is an easy pass unless word of mouth is amazing. Or I guess if they announced tomorrow David Simon and Matthew Weiner were collaborating on it.


Yeah! The cloak should have stripes!


Just chiming in to say Shadowhunters was god awful. I tried the first episode and only made it through that episode because my wife hates not finishing things.


It’s supposed to be a knife, or dagger, pattern.


Huh… I’ve never come across this comic. That image was hard to see, Wallapuctus, so I did a little search, and this is the best of what I was able to find; the majority of the rest is almost outright erotica / vampirella style stuff.


I know I’ve run across them in some random Avengers comics, but in my head I think I usually get them mixed up with Hawk and Dove, who I’m pretty sure are DC, right?


Yep. Cloak and Dagger started as part of the Spider-verse and grew in popularity in the mid-80s before a pretty hasty decline. But the way they pop-up every now and then I think says something about the appeal of the core concept.


Kate Beaton (Of Hark, A Vagrant fame) was similarly incredulous about the outfit.

Kate Beaton Verified account

if only Marvel whoever admitted “I like to jack off to this” instead of whatever they actually say. It’s TIT WINDOWS wtf else are they for

EDIT: Beaton’s twitter feed has a bunch of funny pencil sketches about the reality of being Dagger in that costume. I didn’t post as they’re NSFW, but I recommend taking a look. Funny as always.


And to think, all this drama because in the original script, the writer typoed his description of their white muscle car’s darkened windows. . .


Will there be Dabney Coleman?


Casting news.


Either I am way too old (likely) or she is way too young…


She is 19 so she is definitely on the cusp of being too young.


It looks like this is based on the Ultimate version of the books, where they get their powers after an accident that happens the night they go to prom.

Actually, now that I think of it that could well be the original origin story for the normal universe, I don’t think I ever knew before where the original Cloak and Dagger came from…


FreeForm will do this if it is aimed the young and angst filled. Do they do any shows where the characters are older than 20?


Oh dear.


I threw up a little in my mouth.