Marvel's Cloak and Dagger (Freeform, formerly ABC Family)


That looks exactly like what I was expecting it to.


Hard pass. Krypton looks better.


Seems about right for the source material and the network on which it’s airing.


Strange. What am I missing? I thought it looked neat - what’s the problem?


I honestly don’t think there is a problem. It’s going to be what it’s always been (teen, angsty). I did read the comics a bit when I was younger, and that’s what I remember of C&D.

Perhaps some people were hoping for a gritty, Netflix-MCU re-imagining?


The trailer was absolutely terrible is all I was saying. I watched it and I still don’t know what the fuck. I watched it again with references to the comic book in my mind and now I “get” it, but it’s still awful. The trailer people should be fired.

I’m not going to judge the show 'cause I’m not going to watch it. But I will pre-judge it as something I’m not interested in, as little as that matters to anyone.


My only complaint was they seem to have gotten their powers before meeting each other. In the stories I’ve read they get their powers together, at the same time.


My interpretation of the trailer:

There was some sort of car accident involving Roxxon experimental chemicals (a la Daredevil) with Dagger as a young girl in the car. Young Cloak rescues her and is exposed to the chemicals too, perhaps while in the water. They go their separate ways, powers dormant, until they meet up again in their late teens. In the trailer, you see them touch and there’s a literal spark, along with the recognition of their shared history. I think that’s their powers manifesting for the first time. So, in a sense, they did get their powers together although not as street kids dabbling in tainted drugs.


I don’t know if this is accurate to the comics, but it still looks unappealing. If this turns out to be something that’s well made but just Not For Me, then hooray!

My fear is that it just looks like cheesy teen angst garbage. Which sure, I can also just not watch, but I’d rather not have another comic book show diluting the genre and burning people out. I want the genre to remain popular enough for networks to indulge something crazy and unique like Legion.


Ah, that makes sense actually, I think you nailed it.

I don’t know, I think it looks like it will be worth checking out, depending on how much of a PITA Freeform ends up being.



Starts tonight. And the early Verge review was very kind!

Sorry for being unable to link properly but I’m on mobile and Discourse is not cooperating.


I’d also mention the Variety review is also favorable as well.

— Alan


Watched it and enjoyed it, but I am concerned it’s following a similar pattern to the Netflix Marvel shows, where it’s a slow ramp up. Hopefully enough people stick with it to let it develop.


Looks like this is on Hulu. I’ll try to check it out soon.

Interesting how negative the reaction has been in this thread so far. This is the first time I’m opening the thread and reading all this. I guess you guys really hated the trailer released a year ago.


Not me! And I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve seen so far. It’s a slow burn, yes, but the main characters are appropriately complex, and I like where the show seems to be taking them.


Ill continue to watch because shows do need time to develop I but found the first episode boring and heavy handed with its cliche’ social commentary.


Watched the first two hours tonight. Not terrible, the writing is no worse than on The Gifted. But they REALLY REALLY need to get rid of those vapid musical Interludes.
I will note for the record that I am clearly not the target audience.


I went through the 4 episodes currently released over the last few days. I’m enjoying it, enough so that I’m impatient to see the rest of this season released. Looks like it’s weekly through August. There’s definitely teen angst in spades here, but it seems pretty well deserved to me with everything they put these kids through in childhood. It’s taking them a good long time to get to the mutant powers bit, just doling it out in bits and pieces, but I’m fine with that because the family drama parts are well done and entertaining without it. I also like their use of New Orleans as a setting, pulling in stuff like the voodoo and ward gangs.


I keep meaning to post here, as I’m caught up as well. My thought generally mirror yours, and I was surprised at how excited I was last week to discover it on the DVR. Even though it feels like the story is being dragged at Netflix Marvel speeds, it’s exceptionally done and engaging. The 4th episode in particular really seemed to move things along.

Also, there is an edge to it I can’t put my finger on, something about the out of order but not hard to follow aspect to the story telling, that feels like the best of Legion. The powers have so far been secondary to a pretty neat little story about revenge and justice (or both).