Marvel's Cloak and Dagger (Freeform, formerly ABC Family)


Season 1 is done and I really enjoyed it. Both Tandy and Tyrone are well developed characters by the end, although with only eight episodes there’s some areas left to fill in. The second half of the season definitely ramped up on the use of superpowers, but it never got to what I think of as “comic-book level” - crazy over-the-top situations that only resolve themselves with flashy use of powers. They use the psychic portion quite a bit, and some of the physical aspects, but in both cases I felt like it was worked into the larger solving-an-8-year-old-mystery theme nicely.

And that final scene, presumably a setup for season two…now that’s how you shift the discussion on “fridging”! Can’t blame misogyny for that one.


Youre just a bit premature on this… There are 10 episodes and they have only aired 8 so far. I checked and there are still two more left to air. This week’s episode is titled S1-9 Back Breaker


Oh, hey, that’s even better! I saw something a while back saying the first season was only going to be 8 episodes, but I’m glad to be wrong in this case.


This show is great. It just has such a different tone and feel than the other Marvel or DC shows. Clock and Dagger feels refreshingly new the way Daredevil felt for the first season, before Netflix made so many other shows and seasons.

Legion season 1 was even more different but I burned out during season 2.


I finally got around to finishing the first season. I’m glad I did, and wondering why it took me so long! I really like the young actors, and the development

Also, I liked the named dropping and slight tie-ins to the bigger MCU. The fact that Detective O’Reilly knew Misty, the references to powered individuals in New York, etc.

Speaking of Detective O’Reilly…

She’s a lesser known character in the comics.


Season 2, April 4


Looks good! This show really seems to be a trending a hell of a lot darker and less kid-friendly than I would have expected from initial talk of airing it on FreeForm. Very happy that even though the Netflix Marvel shows are going away, there’s still this. Now if only they could arrange a Spider-Man crossover like in the comics. 😋