Marvel's Inhumans - ABC and totally not mutants


Here’s your first look at the Inhumans show.

Premiering on September 1st on IMAX, then running on ABC starting September 26th.


So, I dropped Agents of SHIELD after the second season, right when this stuff was getting going. Did they ever go anywhere interesting with it? Have they been setting up for this at all?


Agents of SHIELD is the best it’s ever been and it is easily the one show I won’t miss weekly. It is that good now. The people on it are fantastic and the writing is excellent. You are really missing out. They have done a lot with the Inhumans but we’ve never known anything about a royal family at this point on SHIELD. This will be all new, but not all different. ;)

Those are great costumes. I’m excited!


Agents of SHIELD improved dramatically when it stopped being primarily about Manic Pixie Hacker Dream Girl’s Touching Journey Toward Competent Acting, and instead about more Agents of SHIELD.


For reference…

I love how they’ve translated them to TV costuming, especially Black Bolt.


So who are these characters? Anyone want to post a quick primer?


I agree that it Agents of SHIELD is a great show. The current season is great, even considering the changed stakes because the last bunch of episodes happened in The Framework.

I wonder if they’re going to tie them together with the royal family at all, considering that pretty much all the super-powered folks wandering around AoS are Inhumans who know nothing of them.


The best bet is usually here on

Basically, they’re the royal family, leaders of The Inhumans. They live in a city called Attilan which was once on Earth and eventually on the moon. It’s best to read that synopsis at the link, but the guy on the right is the brother of the guy in the middle and he’s often not so nice a guy. Crystal and Medusa, the women between them, have been members of The Fantastic Four in the past.


Didn’t even know this was going to be a thing.


So how Ramsey Bolton are we expecting from him then.


Quite. He is Magnus the Mad after all.



Oh man, I was so afraid they’d just write Lockjaw out of it! Fantastic!


Funny, I remembered Lockjaw, and wondered if he would be in the show.

But damn if I can remember what Crystal’s power was, other than being the Human Torch’s girlfriend…


I bet they let Black Bolt talk without destroying things.



This does not look even remotely interesting.


I just can’t get over how bad her hair looks.


I thought that looked pretty good. Also I was correct, seems like Black Bolt isn’t going to be speaking (much). I’m all in, and I appreciate the trailer didn’t spoil all the best bits (presumably).


Doesn’t look great. I’d give it the benefit of the doubt if it was headed by the people who worked on SHIELD, but nope, seems like it’s produced by the guy who did Iron Fist.

Also, I guess having the Warren Ellis version of Karnak is too much to hope for.