Marvel's Inhumans - ABC and totally not mutants


Looks like the guy playing Magnus is trying to not replicate his turn as Ramsey Bolton when it seems to me that is exactly what he should be doing.

Lockjaw is still awesome…


Oh it’s a… thing. It sure is. A thing, that is.


Serinda Swan’s hair looks like something that isn’t hair.


SDCC trailer:

That hair is just bad.


Well, to be fair, it isn’t “just” hair.


Ugh. Nobody wants this.


It’s too bad there aren’t any other storylines or ideas in comic books aside from “humans hate and fear mutants and/or beings that are similar to but legally distinct from mutants.”


Incorrect there is also “Godpowered supervillain engages in long elaborate plot involving Foozle that will enable him to destroy the universe because, uh, don’t ask questions.”


Ugh, just get the skybeam out of the way so we can move on.


Every time a new trailer drops I think “this could be pretty fun” and then everyone shits all over it. What am I missing? It seems, at worst, serviceable to me. Sure, Medusa’s hair is a too CGI’d, but I mean the alternatives are either she’s not in the show (what is an Inhuman show without Medusa?) or you change her power (which would cause even more outrage).


Yeah, I’m not sure why I’m supposed to hate this so much?


I’ll certainly give it a go. I agree that Medusa’s hair doesn’t look “realistic” in the quick clips they’ve shown, but meh.


I think its the colors. The super fake orange hair, paired with a purple dress, is super off putting to me. Like make my eyes vomit bad. I get that super contrast and saturated colors were because comics (and the print methods) needed that at certain points. I work in print, believe me I understand those technical reasons.

I still hate it.


Hair Lady didn’t bother me, really. Antagonist Who Needs To Shave left me totally flat. Guy Who Apparently Murders Everyone When He Talks seems kinda awesome.

Still, the whole thing left me a little flat. Right now it reads like any of the seasons of Agents of SHIELD that didn’t have a standout antagonist.


That’s Ramsey’s role I thought.


Presumably that is the intention, yes, but nothing in the trailer sold me that he’ll be as good as the two really good ones in SHIELD.


I don’t mind the concepts of Inhumans although the Inhuman, Mutant, Superhero thing seems kind of messed up. But I went through the original 1998 Marvel Inhumans comics (via Marvel Unlimited) introducing the Inhumans and their royal family and I came out absolutely loathing Black Bolt and Inhuman politics in general.

So much of the series turned on Black Bolt not being able to speak. There were quite a number of the 12 comic series where everyone sat around asking I don’t understand what Black Bolt wants us to do. Well maybe you idiots shouldn’t have picked a leader who can’t actually communicate with you. What kind of a society decides that their leader should be someone that can’t actually talk or give speeches, or explain what he wants them to do or why he’s taking the actions he’s taking. It just seemed incredibly stupid.

That said, I do like the Inhumans on Agents of Shield well enough. And I like Kamala Khan (new Ms Marvel) who’s an Inhuman. So if the show concentrates on new Inhumans as basically superheroes, I’m cool with that, but if they focus on Inhuman internal politics ugh. The trailer looked like it had some of both.

Can someone explain why people in the Marvel universe seem to mostly like Superheroes but hate and fear mutants? This doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. Both of them are vastly superior to humans and can squash us flat. I did find it amusing when in one of the X-men comics they retro-conned the X-men uniforms by them deciding that if they wore colorful costumes people would think of them more as superheroes instead of mutants and therefore they’d be more acceptable to the populace.


It’s even more infuriating to me because I always think “You guys have pens and paper, right? If you can’t figure out this minor problem, maybe you do need to be captured and quarantined - for your own safety.”

Edit: And this latest trailer already shows hints of this with people asking Bolt stuff and him just grimacing and looking pensive.


That’s hilarious Telefrog. I didn’t even think of paper and pencil! Right you are.


If only someone, anyone in history, had invented some kind of language that could be expressed with gestures. Signs, if you will.