Marvel's Inhumans - ABC and totally not mutants


Episode 3, or “We’re out of money now that the IMAX episodes are out of the way.”

Another thing I noticed about the goddamn Inhuman apartments. They have, just plain old recessed lighting. With 60 watt spotlight bulbs and everything. It’s like they made no effort whatsoever to hide the fact that they just shot it in some guy’s apartment instead of building a set.

The royal family is so unlikeable, but Maximus is so creepy, that there’s no one to root for. The flashbacks are boring, but the context they give is a hundred times better than what we got in the first two episodes. At least there’s Lockjaw, whose injury was the only part of the show that has made me feel anything.

I do kind of like Mortis, whom I have begun to call Laserface, even though his costume looks like it was made for twenty dollars. Seriously, he looks like an original Power Rangers villain.


Watching this, and I like it more than most seem to. Weaknesses are that Maximus is so unimposing he is hard to take seriously,and Bald Medusa is such a special effects cop out.


It’s almost over! If the start hadn’t been so horrible, this might have turned into something decent. For the most part, the friendly-humans-helping-the-hunted bits have been entertaining (though Gorgon’s surfer commandos were so unbelievable) and I mostly like what they’ve done with Inhuman powers. But the whole overall story concept is so dumb, and there’s so little effort at development that all the characters seem so one-dimensional. I wouldn’t mind seeing a few of the characters fold into Agents of SHIELD later on, but that’s about all the good likely to come of this debacle.


Medusa and Karnak’s powers hobbled so that things aren’t solved immediately / no sucky special effects.
Crystal’s romance.
Gorgon’s surfer commandos.
Black Bolt’s total lack of royal presence or planning except to confused wandering.
The Inhumans hunting them are useless, with possibly the exception of Mortis.

It started awful and has stayed that way. Honestly, it leaves me wondering about all future Marvel television properties (e.g., Cloak & Dagger) if this crap gets made.


Didn’t they kill Cloak & Dagger? I thought they had some sense, anyway.


Nope, it’s still a go. Should be airing sometime in 2018.


I feel like the people that actually paid to see this in an IMAX theater have only themselves to blame if they didn’t like it. The previews looked like garbage.



Meanwhile, the other Marvel ABC series, Inhumans, is not expected to come back. Because of scheduling constraints stemming from Disney and Marvel’s deal with IMAX, it had to hit a Labor Day release window to fit into Marvel’s feature release schedule. Getting the special effects-heavy series ready in time proved to be a race against the clock and the result was a show panned by critics and largely shunned by viewers with low ratings on Friday following the IMAX theatrical release of the pilot.

“It didn’t perform for us at the level that we would have wanted,” Dungey said. “We haven’t made any official decisions yet but I will say the numbers were less exciting for us as we hoped they would be.”


Yes, obviously the takeaway is that it just wasn’t visually stunning enough.


I think that AOS will be renewed but Inhumans? Yet let it go, the first season was not good at all.

Regarding AOS, this season has been frikkin awesome ( I thought last season was great as well ) They have really hit their stride with AOS and at this point I feel it’s the best Marvel series on TV, and thats including all of the Netflix offerings.


I’ve found AOS’s quality to be directly related to the current villain, which has been quite uneven. Spoiler was awesome, then spoiler was lame, then spoiler was awesome, then spoiler was lame…