Marvel's Moon Knight

Didn’t see a thread for this previously.

First episode dropped today, and for as dark as the trailer seemed, I actually found myself chuckling a decent amount. Oscar Isaac looks like he’s really ready to bring it in this one.

I know basically nothing about this character prior to this show, but I really enjoyed the first episode.


Oh hey this came out today?

It does look like it goes all in from the trailer, which I am in favor of.

loving it so far after one episode

Nice. I will definitely watch it. I have to admit being pretty disappointed to learn it’s not TV-MA. But Oscar Isaac is still the man.

Huh. I thought there was already a thread for this but it must have just been in the catch-all Disney+ thread.
So I watched the first episode and yeah, its pretty crazy. Its should be a fun but kind of dark show.

What a blast the first episode is. As a reader of the moon knight comics over the years it amuses me to see that the character has gone from being an almost straight up batman clone to a much more interesting character (albeit still a batman clone ;-) )

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An aquatic shop would not be open at 5pm on a Sunday in the UK. Also the sound the coins made when they tipped the statue did not sound remotely like British coinage. Took me right out of the show tbh…

Delightfully weird first episode. More please!

Goodness. The horror.

I have no idea what’s going on but man it’s fun.

That was weird and I loved it. Sad I have to wait a week to see the next episode. What is this, 2004?

A lot of shows do weekly episodes now and I am fine with it. Gives me something to look forward to, something to talk about between episodes, and gives us time to watch all the other content on the myriad of streaming services we subscribe to.

I mean sure we could binge Moon Knight, but then when will we finish Father Brown?

That was a great start. I am enjoying watching a Marvel show where I have little prior info about the character (other than “something something multiple personalities, something something Egyptian god”) and where I don’t have to worry about how this show links back to movie X or forward to event Y.

Steven could get wearisome in large doses, but I suspect this is the most we’ll see him in a single episode.

As discussed somewhere in the other thread where we talked Moon Knight (the general MCU one, maybe?) he didn’t start out as a true Batman clone; rather both Moon Knight and Batman began as clones of The Shadow. Moon Knight’s multiple personalities ultimately trace back to The Shadow’s multiple identities, though there was no supernatural or mental health angle with the pulp Shadow. (digs around) Here’s the post with the gory details.

I quite enjoyed this! Oscar Isaac is great in everything. My kids were very confused.

Overall my curiosity is peaked by the show and want to see where it goes, but (I guess I’m really being stupid here), somehow I feel that perhaps they shouldn’t be making fun of / light of a psychological condition?

It’s not clear how they are going to handle it in the show but I have a vague recollection from the comics that at least part of the explanation for Moon Knight’s situation is the impact of his exposure to the supernatural, as opposed to a medical condition.

TOTALLY anecdotal, but I work with someone who suffers from DID, and they enjoyed this. Their opinion may change at some point, but figured I’d at least put this out there.

Dang, this is great so far. Feels very different. Oscar Isaac is always a delight. Super excited for the rest of it.

Edit: Also, miniature Inside Llewyn Davis reunion.

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wow, I did not know. Will check it out. I liked Wandavision and Loki up to a point, I hope this stays with me for the whole season.