Marweas attacked by Penny Arcade

I don’t have much of a comment myself… I just wanted to open discussion for Marweas to defend himself or clarify his actions or for anyone else to comment on this issue.

This is from the News section of Penny Arcade…

Originally posted by Marweas

Well, I’ll be concluding my participation in this forum with this post. Frankly, the effort put into keeping this miniscule community informed is not worth the aggravation or the time.

I just returned from Leipzig, Germany, where Homeworld 2 was demonstrated at a consumer Games Convention larger than ECTS. The game looked fantastic and people responded to it marvelously. Given that trade shows like ECTS are used to hype upcoming products, not products practically in stores, and given that VUG has about a gazillion games to market (most of which have greater earning potential than HW2) we made the decision to focus on other products at ECTS.

Enjoy the game.

I look forward to hearing more complaints about how Sierra ignores the community. I’m sure accusing instead of asking, and bitching instead of learning will accomplish your goals admirably.

Cheers, and goodbye. – Alex

I don’t blame Marweas for his comments, judging from the general tenor of the thread I’d want to wash my hands of the garbage too. Some of these communities just can’t handle the fact that the world doesn’t revolve around them.

Regardless of the behaviour of the forum posters, his behaviour seems unprofessional. I mean if you’re not too fond of them, you can just keep quiet about it. What is to be gained from this outburst?

All I have to say about this is…

(goofy double post, sigh)

I don’t know why PA is acting like this is the first time he has made such a post or something, I’ve seen Marweas say worse :p

And afiak PR is not his job, despite what their comic suggests.

That Flash video is hilarious. I have no opinion as to the accuracy of its satire, but it’s funny as hell nonetheless.

I agree with his post and I think that the idea of professional behavior needs to be redefined. He is in the right - he deserves some respect.

Yes, he could stay quiet and just go away. But then they’d never be sure what they did to drive him away.

It’s like… say you got a date with a girl, went out, had a good time, set up another date but she stands you up. You don’t know why. Obviously your attentions are unwanted but you have no idea what you did wrong so you can’t correct it. Were you too pushy? Too casual? Wore the wrong kind of cologne? You’ll never know, so you’ll never be able to improve what you did.

I think that the gaming community needs more actions like this; maybe they’ll learn to tone things down to a civilized level. After all, it’s they who are breaching etiquette and protocol - why should they deserve good treatment in the end?

To make them happy so they buy more games? ;)

Sad part is, I agree with him completely about how the communities around games seem to be constantly attacking the developers/publishers. Verant/Sony is pretty well under constant attack from their core players. Doesn’t matter how much people love the game, they still attack the developer. It’s rather odd.

What strikes me is how has changed. During the development of Homeworld, there was nary a peep of anti-Sierra or anti-Relic ranting. There were criticisms, no doubt, but they were usually well worded and presented as suggestions. Now the whole board seems bent on burning down Sierra because of whatever the complaint of the moment is.

In the thread where Alan basically said “STFU”, the comments really aren’t too bad. There were legitimate complaints that it appears that Sierra is abandoning Homeworld 2 and is focusing exclusively on HL 2. But the thread devolves quickly in generic Sierra witch hunting within a couple of pages. Pretty sad and it accomplishes nothing.

Gone are the days of a developer/publisher being intimately tied to the community. The communities seem to be burning all their bridges and ruining any credibility they have. (I’m guilty of it myself. Just see my rather deep resentment for Bethesda for numerous examples).

Having written hardware and game reviews for various sites, I can state that you’d be surprised how vicious people can be to you. I’ve had 30,000+ word essays written about how I was a horrible human being, blah blah. In the early days of being in the internet’s public eye I brought a bit of the criticism onto myself by being so openly opinionated and argumentative, bad habits I learned to suppress so that I now just walk away 95% of the time. But it’s never easy to do, at least for me.


Uh, I’m just gonna transpose this from another thread where I posted nearly the same thing that digressed for a very short time on this very same subject:

After all, you’re trying to help please a community that’d do anything for you. The first thing you don’t do is tell them to piss off.

I’m sure break for going bonkers every once in awhile - but Rodberg isn’t a developer. He’s the “marketing weasel” ie. the marketing manager. Not only does he not have the right to go bonkers in public, he doesn’t have the right to go bonkers to the very crowd he’s trying to sell to, appease, help, etc. The very community that overall supports HW2. And it was on Relic’s forums. Holy christ. That’s a triple whammy. The only he can now do worse would be to quote himself in a big full-page ad and sell it to magazines. Why not? Fuck the players.

If he doesn’t have anything useful to say, than don’t post. No one forced him to go post on the Labor Day weekend either.

Oh yeah, I also made the assumption that was the official Relic site and/or forum and I don’t think it is, sorry about that.

— Alan

Pretending that communities are united groups of people who will be taught a lesson is ridiculous.

I can understand his frustration, but he was better off not saying anything.

Some developers do deserve to have their fanboy populace turn on them. Forum kiddies are routinely whipped up into a frenzy by the devs/publishers before release, and they eagerly hand over their money on the day of release. If the game sucks, as MOO3 does, the devs will have their arses kicked. It’s only fair, otherwise, why have a forum? For pure sycophancy, apparently.

Well, the term fan did come from fanatic after all.

I actually don’t think the general concept of what he said was bad. I think his problem is that he descended into a vitriolic tone. If he’d just said it stylishly and non-defensively there wouldn’t have been an issue.

The whole “public face of a business” thing really makes me sick. (I say this as someone who has owned a business). I really wouldn’t mind living in a future where we didn’t have crap like that.

I gotta say…

Give the man who did that flash cartoon a friggen oscar!! Hilarious use of comedic moments in time with the music. I haven’t laughed out loud like that in a long time. :)

Actually, the term comes from ‘fancier’, someone who would wait by the stage door after a production to ogle their favourite actress because they fancied them. Kind of takes it down a notch or two in terms of intensity.