Mashinky now available on Steam


I just received an email advising me: “Mashinky is now available in Early Access on Steam”

Mashinky’s Steam Store page states: “Mashinky is a transport strategy game about trains. The goal is to create your own transport empire on a procedurally generated map. It’s a unique blend of realistic graphics combined with an isometric construction mode and board game-like rules.”

I rarely spring for an Early Access title, especially one selling for full price, but I need something to scratch my itch for a railroad game–at least until Railway Empire is released next year.


Keep us informed. I am following this one as well but I wonder how much “game” in in there given that there are no AI companies. Just playing at transport tycoon with no competition makes me a bit wary.


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Sorry. Couldn’t help it.


Katherine of Sky has some good YouTube videos of this if you are on the fence. Looks like it might be the best game of its kind since Transport Tycoon Deluxe (it isn’t a straight TTD clone, however).


This is one awesome looking Train Tycoon game!


Mashinky is such cute name :)

It comes from Mašinky which means diminutive form of word machines in czech.

This game is hugely hyped here because it is expected to be the best TTD-like game since TTD.


bought on trailer and cute name alone. my kid is gonna love this. (as am i)

under half a gig, so that went quickly. Even in its current early access state, i dont regret popping 20 bucks on it. It looks cute in a model railway way. just like the author intended. I found no technical difficulties but I dont think the kid will be able to play this on his own for a couple of years. There’s a fair bit of mechanics and number fiddling going on, meaning there’s an actual game to play here lol.


Ok. this is WAY over the head of a 4 year old boy. Even the 40 year old one had a hard time wrapping his head around some of this. Guess trains get hard pretty fast when you get more than a figure eight track and one train lol.

I found the operation of switches and signals rather unintuitive. I figured out signals, but havent yet wrapped my head around how to use them to make the trains be efficient and not just not die. If only I could make the switches operate more intelligently so trains would pass on the sidetracks and not sit head to head at a signal all the time.


I think a lot of signal stuff is expected to be added to/improved in future releases. Right now there are no chain signals, for example, but I believe they are planned.


I watched some streams of this, looks pretty good! I like the fact that it doesn’t pressure you quite as much as games like railroad tycoon, to instantly start earning money or die a horrible death. Seems very sandboxy in nature, which I really like. I like the idea of building networks without worrying quite so much about “winning”. Can anyone chime in on whether or not that’s actually true? Or do you come up against serious time crunches/constraints?

The ability to zoom into train level, and view the world from that perspective also adds some nice touches.


Take a look at Tracks on Steam


From what I’ve seen, you’re correct that this is mostly a sandbox game. Multiplayer might add the competitive element, but I haven’t seen any mention of AI being added.