[Mass Effect 2] Help me with The Assassin's loyalty quest (spoilers)

Sorry for the super specific thread but I am loving this game and have no intention of poking my head into the spoiler thread.

I’m doing the Thane Krios loyalty quest involving his son, and I can’t figure out what I’m supposed to do next. I’ve spoken to Mouse, and the next thing on my quest log is to go and talk to Captain Bailey so I can bring someone in for interrogation.

Thing is, when I talk to Bailey there are no conversation options relating to that. Have I hit a bug, or am I doing something wrong? Help!

Ok, problem solved. It was a bug - I had to leave the Citadel and come back, after which the conversation option appeared. If I had to guess, it was something to do with having just finished Archangel’s loyalty quest.

Citadel has a number of bugs, there is a side mission dealing with a found fake ID that I can’t seem to turn in there.

I’m having the same issue. Plus the one about the lost chit–the log says I’m supposed to talk to the C-Sec officer…except I have, and when I go back, there are no new options. The Citadel is the only place in the game where I’ve noticed this stuff.

For the lost chit, talk to the merchants on that level. One of them will mention that the volus dropped it in his shop.

Right, yeah—the weird thing is just that the quest log says to talk to the C-Sec officer, that’s all I meant. The log is not up with where I’m at in the quest.

Do Thane’s loyalty quest, exit and enter station. Go past C-Sec, turn left and around the corner will be some people sitting on a couch.

Hm, I finished that one without any problems (on the PC). There’s a pair of Asari sitting on a bench somewhere that have trouble leaving the Citadel because they ended up on a terrorist watchlist somehow. You can either give them the fake ID or help them by talking to the nice customs lady. The one with the face that looks like it was taken from Oblivion. Poor girl.

I picked up the ID with no idea of what to do with it. After I left the Citadel the last time I was looking at my open quest log and it now says I need to speak to a specific person, which I presume is who you are talking about. It does seem somewhat bugged.