Mass Effect 2 - no sound

It’s been a long time since I have had technical problems with a game. Sadly ME2 seems to have broken my lucky run. I get sound from the opening EA logo but within the game itself there is no sound at all. I have trolled around the forums but there isn’t much joy there. ME1 is still working fine on my system. Anyone have some ideas to fix this? I am using Windows Vista and latest X-Fi SoundBlaster drivers.

Strangely I get no sound from the EA or Bio logos and the rest of the game is fine. Onboard realtek/adi and win7-32.

I had this issue with dragon age – maybe it’s similar. Just find your config file and delete it, which should make the game recreate it using defaults. Then just don’t change any sound settings.

I tried that and it did recreate the .INI files but I notice there is no soundcard information contained within them like that in Mass Effect 1.

But I do have it working now. I had to reboot my computer. Very strange.

This happened to me once last night. I quit out and restarted the game and all was well. It didn’t lose sound mid-game, just one time I booted up and it was quiet.

It’s happening to me a lot, suddenly. The weird thing is that it worked perfectly last weekend when I hammered through the game. Then yesterday, the sound started flaking. I have to constantly relaunch the game or reboot the computer.

Realtek here, too. Updated my audio drivers to the latest from Realtek, but no luck there either.