Mass Effect 2 NON Spoiler thread

Loving the game so far. But I’m a total noob when it comes to how to play it. I’m playing on PC. Can someone please explain to me how to make the ‘Make the guys float in the air’ skill, and what I’m supposed to do with them when that happens? Does it just immobilize them so I can then shoot them more safely?

This game isn’t grabbing me like the first, but the gameplay is massively improved. Getting rid of inventory = brave and awesome. Props to them for that.

I’m sad at how buggy it is though. Lots of snapping animations during conversations, and I’ve had a couple situations with broken combat that required a reload. On 360.

The name of the skill is “Pull”. Jacob starts with it. You can tell him to use it whenever, or he’ll use it on his own. It doesn’t work if the person has any armor or shields.

edit: just to give an alternative to Charles, I’m a huge Mass Effect fan (I teared up and the ending, thus making me a Big Blubbering Manchild Baby) and I am LOVING the second game. Like, it might knock Thief off of the “all time greatest game” throne fo me.

I am sorry to hear this. What are your thoughts on loading times?

I’m not disliking ME2 so far. It’s just not as immersive as the first was. Part of that is probably that they took away all the people I liked and told me I can’t have them. That annoys me. I’ve been mostly avoiding hype for the game, so it’s news to me that I can’t go tear around the galaxy with Wrex again.

On top of that, the first thing they do is throw me in to a situation where I’m forced to work for someone I don’t care about, and forced to work with people I don’t know, and it’s pretty non-immersive.

I’m sure it will get better though.

I install all my 360 games to the harddrive so loading hasn’t been much of an issue for me.

I don’t know anything about it other than the horrible commercials on the television and that my save file for the original game will do stuff.

I hope this game does not make me frustrated. I have been thinking about picking it up this month, but maybe I will wait.

I still have a 20gig hard drive.

I am loving it so far, but I am PISSED that my ME1 savegame is not carrying over. Apparently it’s because I started a New Game+. Not exactly an edge case - annoying.

New Game+ shouldn’t invalidate save games. I have read of some imports not working though and the solution seems to be to load up the ME1 save right before fighting Saren and beat the game again, generating a new final save.

The bigger issue seems to be the fact that the final save is hidden. So people who have switched HDDs without using the Data Transfer Utility are out of luck since AFAIK the data transfer utility is the only way to move the hidden save between 360s.

Hmm, I see. Unfortunately my last save is on Virmire, and I’m fucked if I’m going through several hours of the last game to get my save back. Oh well.

This is what worked for me…also gave me a quick refresher on the end of ME1. I had forgotten a bit of it…

Yeah New Game + shouldn’t be causing any load issues because I’m using my level 60 Soldier, and I only got him to 60 because it required a second playthrough after unlocking the last 10 levels after the first.

I didn’t start a new game, but I do highly recommend importing if you are on the fence. I snagged an extra 100k start credits, and an extra level, which is pretty nice, all things considered.

You thought ME1 was better but at the beginning of ME1 you didn’t know any of those people either.

I’m glad they didn’t just reuse ME1 characters and not work on any new character development because I played and finished ME1 when it came out and I barely remember them because it was so long ago. I’m glad Bioware doesn’t assume I know all the characters really well. This is also a good idea from a marketing point of view since people who didn’t play ME1 can enjoy ME2.

Yes, but the way they introduced everything and everyone was way more captivating. It could just be that familiarity with the world results in less wow factor.

I’m glad they didn’t just reuse ME1 characters and not work on any new character development because I played and finished ME1 when it came out and I barely remember them because it was so long ago. I don’t want too much assumed character development.

There’s no reason why they can’t still be there as characters, if you choose to seek them out. Ah well.

The game is just OK so far, in my opinion. I miss the deeper character skill trees and power effects from the first game (each character has, what, 5 or 6 powers/skills now, total? bleah) along with what felt like a more epic storyline (though I’m sure it will ramp up later, right now it’s pretty mundane). I’m also indifferent or hostile to the 5 companions I’ve acquired so far, whereas I liked most of them in the original. And while I’ll never miss the clunky inventory system from the first game, the items themselves were much more interesting.

While I don’t really agree with the skill trees or inventory thing (I absolutely love the streamlining), I do agree with the story line and companions comments. I think that’s what I’m tripping over right now.

I’m guessing you just probably need to play a little further into the game. I’ll say no more, this being the non-spoiler thread.

I know they are there, but they are no longer your companions. That’s what irks me.

Ah, I misunderstood your complaint. I figured you were irritated that they seemed to have dropped out of existence. In fact, I was kind of amused by the conversation your character can have with the Illusive Man near the beginning when you complain to him that you dont’ need his team, you had a perfectly good one before you ‘died’. Then you go down the list and he responds, no, he’s missing, she’s working for so and so, that one is classified, and so on – until you finally say, yeah ok, I guess they just aren’t available.

Um… potential spoilers… best to avoid retorting.

Personally I’m way more impressed after doing some of the recruitment mission with the environments in ME2, much more so than ME1.