Mass Effect 3

According to net rumor ME3 will be announced at Spike’s Video Game Awards, but the official EA store briefly pre-announced the game today. The listing war quickly yanked, but Joystiq has the screencaps.

Woot! Sorry, that really is all I have to say.

So I’m guessing the dramatic opening mission in this game will be the attack on Earth? Makes sense.

I’m so ready for this.

So… another suicide mission?

Oh, Shepard, you card.

If I don’t get to jam all 53 of my companions into a ship and take them with me I’m going to be mad!


It’d be nice to visit Earth, even if it is burning. The closest we’ve ever gotten in the first two games is putzing around on the Moon.




How comes Hong didn’t start this thread?

Can’t frickin’ wait.

I remember an interview with Casey Hudson in which he said that the reason they hadn’t shown Earth yet was because they wanted the visit to be significant. I guess this will be that significant visit.

More rallying? I thought that’s what the second game was about.

I want ME3 starring Joker, the lone survivor of the ill-fated trip through the Omega-4 relay. Er, that’s the canon ending, right?

  • Alan

Did anyone else get the Scott Evil joke in ME2 when Joker was fighting his chair? :)

Sorry. Too busy playing Mass Effect 2!

So, come with Shepard if you want to live?

Which reminds me that I preferred my companions in ME1 to those in ME2. Ideally, I want them all, but if I have to pick, I demand Wrex. Wrex + Mordin would be really great. Don’t need a bunch of new guys, thanks.

What’s the bet we’ll see Conrad again? IIRC he retires to Earth after you deal with him in ME2 (assuming he lives, that is).

100%, IMO. He’s ME’s running gag.

I thought hong was ME’s running gag.

Need at least one new guy, because I demand an Elcor crew member.