Mass Effect 3

Vanguard is about charging enemies with a bionic attack. It also recovers your shield.

Infiltrator can cloak.

Adept is full of bionic abilities.

Sentinel can put up an extra shield that can boost their abilities, but slows down their cool down. Plus they can set of their shield in an explosion that knocks enemies down.

Engineer is turrets and drones

Soldier is weapons.

Thanks! I think Sentinel sounds the closest to what I played. I probably played a Sentinel in all 3 games.


But in this case they are actually right.

You say that, but I find the statement the Reddit might be right highly suspect.

I have got a couple hundred hours into the ME 3 MP, and I can safely tell you, from experience, that Sentinels are awesome, and Vanguards are… Just an excuse to set off migraines or seizures.

They are a one trick pony. You charge in, roll out and charge in again. If you are lucky, someone sets you up for a bionic explosion.

With the sentinel, you have a wide array of abilities, and can set up a wide array of different explosions.

In the single player, its a bit worse, because you want to use cover, and be tactical, but the Vanguard disregards all that in favor of just charging in.

In any case, I am not the only person in this thread with a preference for the Sentinel. I just wish I could have played the Paladin N7 version before the MP shut down. Having that actual shield looked so cool.

Vanguard is shotgun and biotic charge. I found it great fun.

It never got old. You’d think it would get old.

I prefer to just set up chains, because that was where the coolest mechanics were.

You had overload to take out shields, warp to set of the chain and start a new one, and then you could even throw the target.

Or, you could go all in on the tech armor and just tank everything!

And of course, Tech Armor looks cool.

Tech Armor!

How can you not love that. You use Tech Armor offensively, defensively, or not at all.

I cheesed Insanity back in the day by funneling every enemy through hallways

This actually makes me want to go back and play Renegade through the whole trilogy even more. 92% of the people who played the games chose Paragon.

If you play your cards right, you can maximize both Paragon and Renegade points. “I do whatever the fuck it takes to get the job done, and in my spare time I help old ladies cross the road.”

I didn’t even make it through the first game on Paragon. Played through the whole series twice as Renegade. Way more fun.

I don’t understand what the article is saying, I can’t imagine anyone goes 100% Paragon or Renegade, instead choosing the one that fits the situation as they see it. Maybe that rolls up to a mostly Paragon or Renegade disposition over the course of the game, but if that’s what they’re referring to then I don’t see how that actually says anything. I went Paragon more than Renegade? Sure, probably, so what?

I tried for 100% paragon. Because I am the hero the universe needs.

Not only should you be able to imagine that, because people totally do that (I have in both my series playthroughs), I would wager that is by far the most common approach because the game explicitly rewards that behavior.

There are some Renegade choices that are cartoonishly selfish and evil. Others like doing shots with the marines in Purgatory I wonder why it’s Renegade.

I went 100% paragon in all 3 games.

I am the 92%.

I’m not seeing any indication that going 100% Paragon or Renegade confers any benefits at all.

The best I can see is that in the first game, getting to 75% on the sliding scale of either Paragon or Renegade will open Charm or Renegade options respectively, and neither requires that you choose either option exclusively in order to get to that level. I know this from experience.

To get the best genophage cure outcome you had to have gone Renegade in ME2 by saving Maelin’s research data in order to keep Eve alive in ME3.