Mass Effect 3

It is!

Okay, I can get behind that 100%. I love the Elcor. Good call.

I liked ME2 and played it for 25+ hours, but I’m struggling to remember what actually happened in the game.

Did you go to the Mysterious Man’s base thingy? If not, I kind of want to do that in ME3.

You go to a few bases, but not that one.

I would guess this will depend on whether or not you sided with Cerberus in the end of ME2.

Amused curiosity: How would that work, human? Elcor are so ponderous and unadventurous.

As someone else mentioned elsewhere - strap a few lasercannons on to an elcor and a rocketlauncher on its head, and you are good to go

What race are those short guys in the full body suits? I want one of those as a pet in ME3.

The Volus are not pets, Earth-clan.

Add some Vader-ish breathing sound effects and you’re golden.

First off, Conrad Verner is no joke. I predict that by game’s end he will be revealed to actually be a rear admiral tasked with watching Shepard from the shadows and he’ll be the one at the end of the game and save the Earth.

Second, I want an Elcor team member.

I want a jellyfish crew member.

I want a Rachni team member. And a permanent Varren pet.

Ehm, they are all dead, as is the rest of the crew…:(

I want a pony team member so I can brush him and put bows in his mane.


Space ponies!

We’re dangerously close to robot unicorns.

And I want a payoff on that shifty-looking cow you found on one of the planets in ME1.

A video of a wacky scientist guy from Intel doing a jig