Mass Effect Andromeda - I'm not Commander Shepard and this is my favorite sequel


I don’t know if it’s really am expressive face, or just a face that’s locked into some kind of goofy stoned grin.


Not as far as I can tell. Is there some dodgy dialogue? Sure. But much of it’s fine. I actually like the characters, which I think is of great importance. The voice acting, in my opinion, is as good as the previous games.

As regards Star Trek games or, rather, games offering a Star Trek-like experience: all the ones mentioned so far don’t really scratch the itch that I am – and I assume also @divedivedive is – looking for. And that’s a game that gives freedom when it comes to exploring the galaxy and also offers a decent story (missions!) with memorable characters. Star Control is not a bad suggestion, but it doesn’t come close to the kind of detail offered by Mass Effect (or something like Star Trek: 25th Anniversary or A Final Unity). It really should be more along the lines of an adventure game and/or an RPG.

And as far as actual Star Trek games are concerned: Bridge Commander and stuff like Tactical Assault come close, but don’t allow you to actually land on a planet and run around there; they stick quite close to being arcade-like space simulations. That’s also the reason why something like Elite: Dangerous doesn’t fit – too much flying around, space combat, and trade, and not enough exploration, meeting new aliens, plot. Similarly, No Man’s Sky does the flying around and exploring strange new worlds, but has no story or engaging characters. Star Trek Online seems like it would fit the bill, but it does nothing for me – it’s far too much of an MMO than anything else.

So Mass Effect it is. And that’s definitely not a bad thing.

Edit: as far as the facial animations, I remember the “dead eyes” stare in BioWare games has been a running joke in Zero Punctuation reviews of their games for as long as I can remember. Strange that it’s largely gone unmentioned by most other people until Andromeda. That’s not an excuse, of course…


Already a poor experience.

At the very start of the game the game closes off an optional objective, locking you in a situation without much warning. Due to the save system i can’t go back to before the dumb cut scene even though it was just 5 minutes ago.p I can either restart the mission or miss it.

Why would they not let you save in this game manually in missions when they aren’t short?


For what it’s worth, I play a lot of this - it works perfectly well as a single player experience. Unfortunately while it does look and feel very “Trek” it also had a lot of that MMO crap you probably aren’t interested in - experience and loot grinds, lots of combat.


After spending some time with the trial, i find it picks up and the story is enjoyable so far.

I still don’t like the save system at all. It is going to mean a lot of time spent replaying sections when I die in 2 seconds (insanity). The saves are around every 5-10 minutes from what i can tell and NOT before every major fight annoyingly. It just seems poorly designed.


Interesting comparison between early 2016 Alpha footage and the end result.


Really liking the game, but it does have its issues. The UI is horrible. You have to choose your squadmates in the loadout screen accessed in the Tempest’s locker room. That’s where you also equip armor.

But when you land on a planet, you can only choose your weapons. You cannot choose teammates. I just had to takeoff from a planet so I could switch my squadmates for a mission.



Yeah, the UI is truly horrible. Mass Effect never had an amazing PC UI, but this is just the worst levels of console bad.

It doesn’t stop me from enjoying the game, but it is painful trying to manage quests or inventory or anything in those screens.


Bioware never knew how to do UI :(


As I recall, that is no different than prior games. You had to select teammates and load outs before each mission. You could not change once you left the ship.


But that’s the thing. In prevous games, you chose your squadmates when you began the mission.

Here, you have to choose your squadmates well in advance of beginning the mission. And if you forget about doing that, you land with the squadmates you last used.


Can you elaborate why briefly (without getting this thread too sidetracked)? I loved DA:O and think it may be BioWare’s best game, but couldn’t make it far into DA2 and gave up on the series, but picked up Inquisition and didn’t touch it yet, but thought I might play through the rest of the series someday since DA:I was reviewed more positively.

In any event, I preordered Andromeda and will stick with the order, but probably with stick with playing Pillars of Eternity and Horizon for now despite my original intentions to jump into this, since it probably will benefit from some patches.


Okay, I was wrong, you can swap squadmates prior to beginning missions. The UI is so obtuse I didn’t realize it.


You can also change them at forward based on planets I believe.



Are there any at all?


I have to go to work :(



I wish I could use that. Thanks


I’m not sure what you mean by “mission”. As I remember it, when you were going to go to a planet, you had to choose your team then, you could not change it once you landed. How is the new game any different? You seem to be saying what I am saying but you still say it is different. So I am confused.

EDIT: i see your comment, never mind :)


Hmm, you can’t pause combat for powers anymore and the squad AI is still useless it seems.