Mass Effect Andromeda - I'm not Commander Shepard and this is my favorite sequel


Luckily for you guys, we’ve got an Anthem thread set up specifically so you can tell us how utterly disinterested you are.


What Craig M said.


I’m still interested in Anthem, and I’m generally ok with creative types switching things up and trying something new. It might be cool, it might not. I’m open to finding out.


On this we agree. Better phrased from me:

I am now jaded by Bioware’s weak-as-gruel efforts these last 4-5 years, and have zero expectation that they will make a product that will appeal to me. But I am always ready for a completely unexpected pleasant surprise.

That better? :)


It’s not really about wordsmithing or what opinion you carry about the game. There’s really not much to argue at this stage, I don’t think. I know what Anthem looks like, what it might be. My hope is that Bioware can use their core strengths, which I think of as great characters, great world-building, and usually pretty strong storytelling and slap them in this new thing and make a game that I want to play.

Now I also recognize that I often have opinions that are not commonly held by the majority. It doesn’t bother me too much, but I get that lots of people just see Destiny Lite or something when they look at this. Well I think Destiny has been pretty poor at characters and story and maybe average at world building, so I think there’s a shot they could beat Bungie at their own game. Then again, maybe not.

And here I am talking about Anthem in the Andromeda thread again. Hey did I mention how pretty darn cool I think Andromeda was lately?


That’s my thing. I was way more disappointed by ME2 and DA2 than Inquisition or Andromeda, so while I have issues with both and I doubt Bioware is ever going to be solidly where I want them again, I am certainly willing to consider future ME and DA games. I wish Anthem had a different focus, but if it plays to their strengths I will probably get it too.


While I was not a fan of the over streamlining of inventory in ME2, combat felt a little more linear as well.

However, I really thought the game was overall better. The side missions for your people, the consequences of your actions/or lack of in the end game where a big step up from ME1. It felt, dynamic. In the game you found yourself somehow working for the bad guys, and it even made sense why you were. You found out the bad guys had good people in them, people of depth and you end up caring about.

Andromeda, biggest issue was the lack of depth in the story about …EVERYTHING. The bad guys had no depth, no interesting reason to be bad, the story itself was you are building colonies and generic bad guys are trying to stop you. That’s it. Previous ME’s were steeped in moving lore that felt rich and alive… that felt like it was part of a movie, a really good movie…not Star wars prequels.


I could have this argument again but it doesn’t really go anywhere. Suffice it to say that I disagree with your assessment of both games and would rank Andromeda well ahead of 2 on most counts.


I assume most people here like early Bioware best, but I much prefer the Bioware of the past decade or so. The Pre-ME Bioware games were either much improved by Obsidian sequels (KOTOR and NWN) or were the Baldur’s Gate games which, despite trying my best on multiple occasions, never did anything for me (sacrilege, I know). I don’t have much interest in Anthem but wish it the best, especially if its success means more Mass Effect, especially since I wasn’t expecting to ever see another new Mass Effect.

For me, Mass Effect 2 was such a significant step up from the first that if I were to replay the trilogy, I would start with 2. The inventory management, Maco segments, and repetitive level design (granted something 2 isn’t entirely exempt from) make replaying 1 something I have no interest in. 3 was very good, but I disliked how it sidelined nearly all the interesting characters from 2 in favor of boring retreads from the first (hello Ashley) and nondescript new characters (hello soldier dude whose name I can’t remember). I suppose that’s the consequence of 2’s ‘suicide’ mission gimmick. However, I liked Andromeda, flaws and all, and still don’t quite get why it was such a commercial failure and seemingly loathed everywhere but QT3. I would rank it after 2, ahead of 3, and WAY ahead of the first. Certainly, I would rather a new Mass Effect be more like Andromeda than the original trilogy at this point.

Dragon Age is fine, but I can’t say I’m excited about playing a new one. I liked the first the best, never played the second, and have mixed feelings about the third. Its MMO combat wasn’t to my liking and the quest design felt like busy work more times than not. Plus, it’s always linked in my mind to Witcher 3 due to coming out at roughly the same time, which isn’t a comparison it can win. However, I enjoyed the characters and world from Inquisition more than the first.


Man the first is my favorite, and it’s not particularly close.

Now this is highly specific to what I like. The broad strokes story? The tone? The world building? All were best in ME1. I will readily admit I far prefer the ensemble of 2, but there is something special about the style of Space Opera of ME1. It’s not something there is much of in gaming, far too much tilt towards the space adventure style.

But I love that type of sci fi in novels as well. Dense and introspective. The further it moved towards Shepard: action hero, the further it moved away from something I really love, but don’t usually get in games.


I understand preferring the tone and story of the first, but everything else felt so clunky and underdeveloped to me. The combat and inventory especially. Despite my preference for the second, its main story was the weakest of the three (some of the loyalty missions were great though) and it often felt like it was spinning its wheels. Frankly, I think that in terms of story, the trilogy could easily have been condensed to two games since it seemed that nothing major happened in the second that couldn’t have been shoehorned into the first or done away with entirely. But, again, the characters and gameplay were so much better in the second.


Siding with everything @divedivedive said above.


I don’t disagree with a word you wrote.

But it’s all a matter of priorities. I don’t care much about gameplay, so it being more polished does little for me. In fact the streamlining actually worked against the variety and customization of the first game. Plus I hate hate the fact Powers don’t work when an enemy has shields or armor. Portable black hole? I got two points of shield so it does nothing. It drove me nuts (plus made most debuff powers nearly useless. By the time they worked, enemy was nearly dead)

For me the tone and narrative have primacy, so all flaws get subsumed in that.

Though 2 introduces the Pinball of Death Vanguard, which was pure joy.


It’s one of those things. I don’t disagree that there was a lot wrong with ME1 mechanically. I just thought that the changes they made for 2 were not improvements and where they bothered to retain systems at all they made them actively less enjoyable.

As they moved into 3 and Andromeda, they took the replacement systems in directions that were a lot more rewarding, IMO, but they should never have let 2 ship in the state it did.


I love all the Mass Effect games, there’s not a stinker in the bunch for my money. But if I had to pick a favorite it would probably be the first one. And if I had to pick a least favorite it would probably be 2.

I love the way the mysteries unfolded in the first game and how epic it became. I loved all the characters, and the settings and technology. I loved the codex and how it tried to explain how everything worked.

The second game had all that too, it just didn’t feel very epic. It was a side story, and while I don’t hold that against it there just didn’t seem to be as much going on. Getting us involved with Cerberus just felt weird too. It’s like if Google were a small wing of a much larger company and while it still operated under a “do no evil” rule, all the other companies were just doing the evilest shit imaginable. Then Google is all, “Wait, our company is involved in all this evil? I never knew that!”

But they’re all really good and are definitely my favorite thing Bioware has done overall. KOTOR was pretty good too.


The funniest thing about Andromeda reviews is how people feel the need to apologize when they (gasp) actually like the game.


I’ve never felt the need to apologize for liking Andromeda. Same way I don’t feel that people who didn’t like it should feel the need. But if you think it was one of the ‘worst’ games of the year? Then you’re an idiot.

Andromeda had it’s share of issues, no doubt about it. But considering they were trying something different in terms of gameplay, it worked pretty well. I would have loved to have seen a sequel where they had more time to work on the story and characters and whatnot now that the system itself is in place. But dumb-ass people whining about animations and how it was the ‘WORST GAME EVER’ stopped that from ever happening. I will always loathe those people who don’t care if others like it, they hated it so it must be killed.

I also feel the same way about The Last Jedi (I loved the movie), but at least in that instance, the mouth-breathers aren’t stopping Ep IX from coming out. And again, it’s not that people disliked it. It’s that they’re trying to basically kill the franchise because of their rage at a movie they don’t like, despite the fact there are plenty who didn’t feel that way. I’m sorry this game or that movie didn’t meet your own expectations, but fuck you for trying to ruin it for everyone else.

I may need to lay off the caffeine…


Well, I do feel like I need to apologize for liking Andromeda. Specifically to Murbella. It just felt like I was upsetting his world view when I posted positive stuff about the game.


I’d agree with that for the base game, but once you add in all of the DLC, especially Kasumi and the Shadow Broker, it made for a pretty satisfying all-middle sprawl of a story (for me).


Lair of the Shadow Broker was the only time ME2 felt like it lived up to ME1 for me. In part I think the fight along the outside of the ship very successfully evoked my favorite bit of combat in the first one, when you fight along the outside of the Citadel. (I think that’s actually probably my favorite combat sequence in the whole series, despite the combat in 1 not being quite as good as 3 or Andromeda.) And then there’s a number of other cool bits, too.

Shame about Arrival being 90% (bad) combat with a nonsensical storyline. :/