Mass Effect Andromeda - I'm not Commander Shepard and this is my favorite sequel

I decided to push ahead with the main story and finished up the game tonight. I probably had about 70 hours of playtime. No major changes to my opinion. The story kept me playing. Too much busywork - scanning planets, driving the mako through the landscape that starts looking similar, too many side quests of just follow the icon. I enjoyed the game the most when I skipped as much of the fluff as I could and focused on the goodness.

I’m glad I saw the main story through. Most of the characters were pretty good even if none of them would make my top list for Mass Effect as a series.The action was decent if not a bit repetitive.

I wouldn’t say this is a must play, but it was enjoyable. Thank you again @divedivedive!

I’m glad you gave the game a chance and managed to have some fun with it. I’m certainly a bigger fan than most but my main Hope was just that people might take the time to evaluate the game on their own terms. Cool that you took the time to do so.

I think that pretty much describes how I felt about the game.

I searched the thread to see what you had to say about the game, but the results stopped in 2017. I think the big difference in our opinions is that you like the mako and planet scanning and exploration stuff, right? You get into the stuff that is there for immersion more than I do? I’m just curious.

I only played the game the one time, oddly. Always meant to go through it again, either doing a new game + on insanity or maybe just run through again with Sarah as the playable character. But that’s why my posts dried up, mainly.

But you’ve summed up my feelings fairly well. I can recognize the game’s flaws but they don’t seem to bother me as much as they do most other folks. And the things it does well really pushes my buttons. I’m just hardwired to really dig space exploration and discovery, I’ll eat up just about anything like that put on my plate.

That said, I’ve never understood the venom that this game endured. It’s judy not nearly as bad as some would have you believe, even if it may not be as good as I would have you believe. So, I like that you have the game a fair shot on your own. Your conclusion is your own.

Spotted the follow up book at the library, Annihilation.
The story of the ark that didn’t make it.

First half was mostly a few aliens bickering, but it gets better after that. Satisfying ending. Each race had their own main character. Drell, hanar, elcor, quarian, volus & batarian.

I didn’t really enjoy the book, but I think a couple of you might be into it. Probably would’ve liked it better if I played more of the first trilogy. It was definitely written for fans.

Mass Effect seems to have a moronic overzealous fan-base in that stupid Internet way. Back flash to the Mass Effect 3 ending. Yeah it sucked, but I am not going to whine about it and demand BioWare change it or whatever that was. Old story. Most game endings suck. It was a mere meh. On to the next game.

I bought the book but have not read it yet. Thanks for the comments, i didnt know it include that many of the other races.

While I sort of felt the same way, I’m personally kind of glad that the fans complained enough that we got the updated ending that got rid of the stupid plot holes at the end. I know that didn’t change the nature of the ending itself, and that’s fine. The author’s intent was preserved. But at least the stupid plot holes were gone, which just made the whole thing feel so sloppy. So even though I personally didn’t evangelize for an updated ending, I’m glad someone did, and that we got one.

I’ve started my insanity run of Andromeda, I feel like I need a little Mass Effect in my life. And it feels good. Like coming home.

I get it. I suppose I just felt Mass Effect wasn’t unique in this regard so I didn’t really care enough. Meh. I actually haven’t even seen the updated ending. Never bothered to go back. I suppose I will replay the trilogy at some point in the future. Not sure when though.

We did get extra content, and it is good extra content, out of all those people throwing a fit. Personally I had no real problem the way it originally ended other than how fast it seemed to end. Thus the extra content really added to experience of ending the series.

And yea, I really consider Andromeda a new series and new game.

As a card carrying ME3 ending hater, I hate that they did the extended ending. Because a) it set a bad precedent, and b) I think the extended ending is even worse. Fixing the continuity errors is nice I suppose, and genuinely everything before genocidal casper is better, but I don’t think it was worth the tradeoff.

My ME3 ending ends at Citadel DLC though I did download the texture packs for all three ME games to mod the games sometime.

I don’t see how fixing continuity errors set a bad precedent. If they had changed the nature of the ending itself, that would have set a bad precedent maybe about companies going against authorial intent in order to mollify fans. But that’s not what happened. If anything, fixing the plot holes probably made it closer to the author’s intent and vision.

I guess I really should expect this when I bump a Mass Effect thread.

Fixng continuity errors like Ashley lying crumpled on the ground, apparently dead, during the final assault and then strolling out of the Normandy later = good. Mollycodling the complainers by expanding the ending and doubling down on the pro-eugenics message = bad.

Like, I don’t disagree that the ending didn’t fundamentally change anything, it just double-underlined it. I just found the message awful to start with, and double-underlining it just made it worse, and the fact that they altered the ending on the surface if not in substance made the internet shit-brigades feel empowered.

Yeah. I could talk about and debate about the ME3 ending for days, but it really should be taken to the ME3 thread, and leave this for Andromeda, where we complain about the fans who ended up killing having any follow-up to this game, because they’re entitled morons.

So anyway, I’m having a pretty good time with the insanity run. Making a few different choices this time, like establishing a military rather than scientific outpost on Eos. It doesn’t have huge repercussions but it does affect some conversations later on.

I’m also cheating just a bit by using a build that maximizes damage, mainly with a Piranha shotgun that’s now fully auto with unlimited enemy-seeking ammo. Yeah, it kind of trivializes the combat, but oh well.

I finally remembered to try this again on my new PC. The old one would inevitably generate hard crashes preventing me from leaving the ship. Reinstall EA Origins, d/l the game, it had the saved file letting me pick back up, and I immediately leave the ship and do a few missions. Awesome.