Mass Effect Andromeda - I'm not Commander Shepard and this is my favorite sequel


That reads like a C to me


That ‘handoff’ pinpoints my concern for ME 4: FemShep and Jennifer Hale’s voice acting played a mayor part in why I liked the series so much. The fact that she obviously wont be in ME 4 is a serious letdown beforehand. I will need to mentally get over that before I can even start to appreciate ME 4 on its own merits…


I’m the odd sort of fellow who liked Hale’s and Meer’s voice acting pretty much equally (and yeah, I played both through all 3 games) so I don’t have a specific attachment to Femshep exactly though I do understand your perspective. However for me, I respect that Bioware is basically burning it all down and starting over. I love the idea of getting to know an entire new crew and exploring an entirely new galaxy. Can’t come soon enough for me.


I think I’m one of the three people who liked Meer more than Hale.

I’m excited as hell for more Mass Effect, but I hope they won’t copy the game’s structure from DAI.


(raises hand) I guess we are almost all accounted for.



I only played the game as MaleShep, so I have no idea if I would have liked Femshep better or not. If Mass Effect 3 hadn’t ended the way it did, I had planned to play through the whole trilogy again with a renegade Femshep.


Ooh, I did that. It was great fun! Still prefer the MaleShep though.


I am totally planning a full ME replay once all games are available on Xbone back compat.


Same. I get many (most?) people prefer Hale to Meer, but for me the fact that MaleShep is how I wanted to play, and FemShep was just to see the alternative styles, I preferred MaleShep.


Well, Femshep or Maleshep, I guess it doesn’t matter. Point is: I got attached to that specific character, and he/she isn’t going to be in the next game. Which is totally understandable and logical, but still a hurdle to get over, for me at least.

Then again, if they do as good a job creating the new protagonist as they did creating Shep (F/M), I suppose I will get attached to him/her soon enough…?


Heh, we loved Femshep in our household as well - It was a pleasant surprise that the Trooper storyline in SWTOR is voiced by the same actor, and is kinda the same type of person.


She also does the voice for Bastila in KOTOR. Which I now play on my phone. On. My. Phone. What a time to be alive.


Hale is the female version of Nolan North, she’s in everything.


So there’s been a video posted on Youtube recently with some allegedly new leaked info about Andromeda. The video itself has no new content that you haven’t seen in previous ones, but voiceover details some new features, I’ll summarize to spare you 8 minutes:

The game will continue the previous game’s play style of a three person squad that you will control. One teammate mentioned is a blond woman, and another is a krogan. Not a huge surprise there. Players will have jetpacks, as we’ve seen kind of displayed in the initial teaser.

Home base will be a ship along the lines of the Normandy, but with a different design and layout. This person also mentions that travel between systems and planets is no longer menu/UI based but actually flying the ship itself in a first person view.

It’s mentioned that early build contained Cerberus enemies and ships, unclear if this is placeholder assets. Personally, I’m hoping so.

Other details mentioned like Mako look, customizability of weapons and armor, that sort of thing. Not a lot new, and none of this is confirmed, so take it for what it’s worth.


I was kind of expecting (hoping) for completely new races* and factions. I thought that was the entire point of the soft reboot.

*Except humans of course, because we are the best.


I’m only guessing of course, but I would think you will encounter plenty of alien races, just may not have them on your team.


I imagine any new alien races are being held for exclusive reveals or E3.


The female companion is blonde?!

This changes everything.


I hope not. I would hope new alien races and planets and plots are being held for people who play through the game.